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Why protein in breakfast good for Diet?

Protein is one of the key nutrients for weight loss. The fact is that eating more protein will help you lose weight more efficiently. Many research has found that protein helps to improve appetite levels and prevent overeating. Therefore, beginning of the day by eating protein for breakfast may be good for weight loss performance. Let’s look at the protein in breakfast. Help in losing weight?

Should we have breakfast ?

If we eat breakfast for some reason at the same time, it will be better for physical health, such as improving mental state for school-aged children, adolescents and some patients. It depends on the quality of the breakfast as well Because breakfast containing protein will help promote weight loss.

How can proteins help us lose weight?

Protein is a nutrient that helps to lose weight greatly. Because the body requires more calories to burn more protein When compared with the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates But protein also helps us to be full longer

There is a study of a group of female volunteers who received 15-30% of their daily calories. Found that they ate less food It counted 441 calories and lost 5 kg in 12 weeks.

Another study requires volunteers to consume 25% more protein from all calories each day. Found that they eat 50% less snacks at night and 60% less their desire to eat.

Protein may also help control weight in the long run as well. Research has shown that consuming 15-18% more protein per day Will help reduce weight by 50%.

Breakfast at high protein Will help us to eat less in the next meal.There is research that Breakfast with protein can change your eating habits in many ways.

There is one research found that It reduces hunger levels and causes volunteers to consume 135 calories that day. Brain scans also found that Breakfast with protein will reduce the signal in the brain that makes the appetite. Including reducing the feeling of being rewarded when eating.

In addition, protein helps us to be full. Because it causes the signal to reduce appetite in the body Helps to reduce cravings and prevent us from eating too much Helps reduce hunger hormones And increase the hormones of satiety throughout the day.

Breakfast protein How can we help lose weight ?

There is research on obesity in Chinese teenagers found that Changing breakfast to eggs will result in significant weight loss in the next 3 months.

Volunteers who eat protein can lose weight by 3.9%, or about 2.4 kg, while those who eat less protein lose 0.2% or about 0.1 kg.

Another research that experimented with two groups of volunteers The first group ate eggs for breakfast. The second group of bagels By allowing both groups to receive equal calories.

Eight weeks after the egg-eating group had 61% lower BMI, 65% more weight loss, and 34% lower waist circumference than other groups.

Protein may help to burn a little more energy.

Accelerating energy metabolism can help us lose weight faster. Because it burns more calories The body requires 20-30% more calories to burn protein, 5-10% carbohydrates, 0-3% fats.

Meaning the body will burn more energy when we eat more protein than carbohydrates and fats. The fact is that eating high protein will help us to burn 80-100 more calories per day.

High protein foods also help to maintain muscle mass. Which is usually reduced during weight loss It also prevents the body from entering the power saving mode. Also known as “Starvation Mode” which will consume less energy as well.

What should we eat for breakfast?

I would like to answer briefly that you should eat “eggs”.

Eggs are rich in nutrients and are high in protein. Research has shown that eating an egg for breakfast will make us consume more calories for 36 hours and can lose more weight and fat.

However, fish, seafood, poultry and dairy products Is also a very good source of protein. And from now on Example of a high-protein breakfast menu That will help friends lose weight.

Protein in breakfast Help in losing weight?

Protein is one of the key nutrients for weight loss. The fact is that eating more protein will help you lose weight more efficiently. Some research has found that protein helps to improve appetite levels and prevent overeating. Therefore, beginning the day by eating protein for breakfast may be good for weight loss performance. Let’s look at the protein in breakfast. Help in losing weight?

Should we have breakfast or not?

In the past, not eating breakfast was related to weight gain. But at present it has been proven that We can eat breakfast or not. Which will not affect our weight gain or loss

Nevertheless If we eat breakfast for some reason at the same time, it will be better for physical health, such as improving mental state for school-aged children, adolescents and some patients.

But it also depends on the quality of the breakfast as well Because breakfast containing protein will help promote weight loss.

How can proteins help us lose weight?

Protein is a nutrient that helps to lose weight greatly. Because the body requires more calories to burn more protein When compared with the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates But protein also helps us to be full longer

There is a study of a group of female volunteers who received 15-30% of their daily calories. Found that they ate less food It counted 441 calories and lost 5 kg in 12 weeks.

Another study requires volunteers to consume 25% more protein from all calories each day. Found that they eat 50% less snacks at night and 60% less their desire to eat.

And there is one more research Which divided female volunteers into two groups to lose weight for 10 weeks, each group receiving different amounts of protein Found that both groups can lose weight the same But the group that consumes more protein Will lose more weight than the other group to 0.5 kilograms and there is a reduction in fat accumulation in the body than the other group.

Protein is good to control weight in the long run as well. Research has shown that consuming 15-18% more protein per day Will help reduce weight by 50%. Breakfast at high protein Will help us to eat less in the next meal.

There is one research found that It reduces hunger levels and causes volunteers to consume 135 calories that day. Brain scans also found that Breakfast with protein will reduce the signal in the brain that makes the appetite. Including reducing the feeling of being rewarded when eating.


4 researches that prove that Exercise can reduce stress.

Have you ever felt stressed? It’s not just us that are stressed. The research found that the number of people with stress increases dramatically A poll in April 2020 found that the number of happy Americans has decreased by 48%, the lowest figure since 2008. The number of people experiencing stress and anxiety in life has risen to 60% is obvious.

Nowadays, there are many techniques that will help us feel relaxed. From deep breathing to therapy, but the main methods that can reduce stress are “Exercise” and from now on is evidence from research Why running, practicing yoga and lifting weights can reduce stress.

1. Better sleeping.

Exercise is linked to the quality of sleep very much. According to research published in the journal “Mental Health and Physical Activity”, people who exercise can sleep faster. And feeling less sleepy during the day Because getting enough sleep at night.

When we sleep deeply there will be a decrease of Cortisol hormones or stress hormones. When cortisol fell at dusk will help increase melatonin. The hormones that make us sleepy and help maintain the sleep cycle. Which exercise will help here Continuous exercise and deep sleep will increase the quality of sleep even more. It will affect our emotional state throughout the day Sleep also helps us respond to various situations logically and with appropriate emotional states. It also helps us to understand the situation more clearly and with better emotional response.

2. Helps to control hormones

The balance of cortisol and melatonin not only affects sleep quality. That we have high levels of cortisol all the time Will affect stress levels, concerns, and threats And causing many more problems to follow.

Having a high cortisol level will be a disaster in the long run. It will reduce serotonin, the hormone of happiness. Destroying quality of sleep And makes us accumulate more fat (Especially belly fat) high levels of cortisol are linked to depression, addiction, sugar cravings and mood control.

Exercising will help the permanent circulation of cortisol because the body will see exercise. That is highly concentrated as a stress generator But allow us to balance by having time to recuperate during exercise to improve the circulation of cortisol.

3. Helps the intestines work better.

There is a lot of research that found t the digestive system will affect mood control ,energy and immune system. Even skin health and chronic diseases also affect Bacteria in the digestive system, both good and bad, will affect our health.

The exercise makes your gut healthy. In the journal “Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity” emphasizes that exercise can affect the prevention and metabolism of the microbiome in the intestines. Including energy control

There is still more research Which tested with rugby players Found that exercise makes the bacteria in the intestines grow. Therefore improving overall health

4. Helps to reduce inflammation.

Chronic inflammation affects many health problems from dementia to allergies. The findings are published in the journal “Frontiers in Human Neuroscience”, indicate that if there is too much inflammation, it can affect the stress response. And high stress levels will increase even more symptoms.

Regular exercise can anti-inflammatory effects and not requiring much exercise. According to research published in the journal “Brain, Behavior, and Immunity”, we found that just walking on a treadmill for just 20 minutes is enough to reduce stress.

In addition, research has found that exercise also allows us to choose more healthy foods and help with socializing. Therefore, if we have stress, regardless of the cause Should consider exercise on a daily basis Whether running or cross training.


The Havana Marathon – Cuba How is it interesting?

This event has another name is Marabana. Although it is not a big event that can be compared to other world competitions. But the atmosphere in the competition has its own unique characteristics that are interesting.

We will run together with the local people who come to participate in the running event as well. If going to this event, you should have to carry your Energy gel and drinks on your own.
We will find that there are many people who come to run the race without running shoes . This is why many foreign runners tend to donate their old shoes to these people. Which is considered to be the kindness that the fellow runners.

Race registration may take place just a few hours before firing a signal, beginning the run and often Olympic champions like Alberto Juantorena, Ana Quirot or Javier Sotomayor waved the signal flags to start the race.

The running route will run 2 rounds, while those who run the half marathon will start at the same time, but will run only one round. Beginning in Paseo del Prado, running down to Malecon, which is adjacent to the Atlantic And there will be waves crashing until water splashes into and hits the runners on the road Then head back to the shore to Raul Diaz Stadium before turning back to Old Havana Old Town, El Capitolio, back to Malecon Road, passing the monuments at the Plaza de la Revolucion.

Havana Marathon Map

The weather is hot and humid. But there will be water and orange distribution points every 2-3 km. On the first 9 km route. The beach will be a flat path before starting to run into the shore and then uphill running routes. which from the overview, is still considered suitable for novice runners who want to adventure.

Competition Details

Month of the competition : November

Application period : March

Number of participants : 3,000 people

Difficulty level : 6/10

Things to consider : The weather in the path may be filled with car fumes, the weather can heat up to 30 degrees.


Cardio, Effective Exercise For The Body And Heart.

Cardio Exercise is an exercise that focuses on strengthening the heart and lungs so that more oxygen can be used. It also helps to stimulate the heart rate and blood pressure. Helps to burn calories. And helps to lose weight as well.

What is cardio?

Cardio exercise can be divided into 2 types according to the intensity of the shock caused by exercise as follows lower Impact. Cardio Exercise is an exercise that does not cause much pressure or impact on the joints, including Swimming,Riding a bicycle,Elliptical Trainer Exercise,Walking,Rowing.

Exercise with higher impact strength (Higher Impact Cardio Exercise) is an exercise that causes shock or pressure at the joints are Running ,Skipping rope,aerobic dance or exercise with heavy basic postures.

There are also other cardio exercises that are interesting, including Zumba dance. Exercise in water And body weight exercise That is useful to those who want to exercise. However, in choosing the type of exercise, it should be chosen to suit the health and physical condition to reduce the risk of injury.

How often can cardio work out?

  We can do at least 150 minutes of cardio per week for regular exercise and 75 minutes per week.  For maximum intensity exercise which can be observed from the heart rate. The high intensity exercise will result in the heart rate at 70-85% of the maximum heart rate. 
In addition, exercise should be performed at an appropriate amount of time to prevent injury. The exercise should be divided into 5-7 days per week. With the American Heart Association recommending that Should exercise at least 30 minutes a day, but can be divided into 1-3 times a day Will help exercise to be more effective It also helps to control weight. And helps the cardiovascular system to work better.

Benefits of Cardio
  1. Proper cardio exercise will provide many benefits, both physically and physically.
  2. Help to lose weight if traditional cardio exercise combined with dieting. Will help lose weight and control weight better.
  3. Add strength to the body If practicing cardio continuously in the long run Not only will help lose weight But will help reduce fatigue And helps to feel refreshed More strong.
  4. Stimulate the immune system to be strong Cardio will help strengthen the immune system. Helps reduce the risk of virus infection Makes it not flu or flu easily.
  5. Reduce health risks Regular cardio exercise can reduce the risk of many serious health problems, such as heart disease, obesity,obesity, high blood pressure.  Type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer also, if it is a cardio exercise to lose weight (Weight-bearing exercise) will help reduce the risk. Osteoporosis  as well.
  6. Helps to control the symptoms of chronic diseases. For patients with chronic diseases Appropriate cardio exercises can help control symptoms, such as helping to control blood pressure. Reduce blood sugar levels, etc., but must exercise at the appropriate level according to doctor’s advice.
  7. Helps the heart work at full capacity Cardio directly affects the work of the heart. Which, if exercising regularly on cardio, will help the heart pump blood more efficiently. It also has a positive effect on the circulatory system as well.
  8. Lowering cholesterol , regular exercise will stimulate the body to create good cholesterol (HDL), which will help reduce bad cholesterol (LDL), which, if too many, will accumulate in plaque. In the blood vessels and can cause coronary heart disease.
  9. Help restore mental health. Patients with mental health problems such as depression Or feeling pressured Exercise helps the mind to relax.
  10. Helps to slow down the deterioration of the body. Regular exercise will help the muscles maintain their strength. Which will benefit the body movement as we get older .


10 Tips to lose weight with swimming.

When someone try to lose weight. The first thing that he will do is “Apply for the gym.” But we don’t always have to go to the gym to change. And we can see better weight loss results from activities that we like, like swimming.

Swimming is not just a way to escape from hot weather. It is also one of the best weight loss methods. According to Franklin Antoian, personal coach of iBodyFit.

“Swimming will help you lose weight as much as running. But we can exercise without having to experience the impact. Which will benefit people who have injuries or have joint pain. “

10 tips for losing weight by swimming.

Whether we are swimming to reduce belly fat, to increase muscle tone Or just change the pattern of exercise Here are some ways to help us see the best results.

1. Swim before eating breakfast.

This way, it may seem impossible for everyone. But it’s worth to try

Nick Rizzo, trainer from, said going for a morning swim. When we haven’t eaten that breakfast This means that we are currently in the intermittent fasting phase. The body will be ready to use fat for energy. Swimming is not only a very good cardio workout. But also a whole body exercise You will definitely see good results.

2. Swim harder and faster

Swimming will burn a lot of calories. Although we have just started swimming. But if we swim better and more efficiently Our heart rate will not increase much, says Paul Johnson.

He said that we can swim harder and faster. To increase the heart rate Let us wear a device to measure the heart rate while swimming. Our goal is to use a moderate intensity, should be 50-70% of the maximum heart rate.

(We can calculate the Maximum Heart Rate simply by removing 220 minus our age)

3. Attend swimming classes

Studying stroke swimming technique will help us to swim at moderate intensity.

4. Change swimming styles

If we have used the same swimming techniques throughout It is like limiting the ability of the body. We must give up comfort. And find a way to modify our training This will allow us to use muscle groups that have never been used before. Which will result in better results from training

5. Swim 4-5 days a week.

In order to lose weight The more exercise, the better for us. Whether walking or jogging Cardio exercises that use equipment, including swimming.

Swimming exercises often to lose weight. The same is true for other forms of exercise that are good for the cardiovascular system. Set that goal should be to practice for 4-5 days a week.

6. Start slowly

Begin by swimming 15-20 minutes a day before then gradually increase the training time to 30 minutes, depending on our fitness. If we just started to practice swimming, then we overworked our concentration training too much. Pain and muscle aches will cause us to stop practicing.

7. Swimming rehearsals alternating with  aqua aerobics.

We don’t need to swim every day. In order to see the results If one day does not practice swimming, then let us take the class ” Aqua Aerobics ”  ( Aqua Aerobics ) straight away. It is a great exercise and has less stress. Which will help the body move on a rest day.

8. Swim using aiding equipment.

If we don’t swim hard, we may use foam or use Pool noodle to help us float. Or can wear a life jacket at all It will help us to float while we are moving arms and legs in the water.

9. Use the weight of water to be useful.

If you are swimming to lose weight or tone your muscles, practice  bicep curls with water dumbbells. During every swim Water creates resistance, which helps strengthen strength and stamina.

10. Change diet

Regardless of what type of weight loss program we use However, we have to use more calories than we received. If we want to lose two or more pounds Anyway, we have to rearrange the food. And be careful Because swimming will use a lot of energy. Therefore, we must replenish energy with food. And the coolness of the water in the pool will also make us feel more and more craving for food seriously. If feeling more hungry than before Let us put more vegetables in the dish. Drink protein And avoid eating snacks.

Remember that using different postures Will help us to burn more calories than before Depends on which part of the muscle is being used Therefore, try using various postures so that the muscles and body have to adjust all the time.

Allow us to do freestyle 1 day, and the next day to switch to butterfly posture. “Butterfly posture will work the most physically. Is an exercise all over the body And is the position that can burn the most calories. “The butterfly position should be used as a second position And the third position is the backstroke position.

Using each level of concentration will bring you great results. Sprint Interval Training, which is a 30-second swift swim, followed by a 4-minute recovery.

During the round we can take a full minute rest. Or if you want to continue swimming, you should keep swimming at an intensity of 1/10 and keep practicing repeatedly. 4-8 rounds seem to be minimal. But actually when swimming fast, we have to use 100% full power for 30 seconds. It’s hard! But it is an effective method In each round, we can change the swimming position or not.

General misunderstandings about swimming

Many children are taught not to swim! Until the food has been eaten for 30-60 minutes, people tend to think that blood is delivered to the stomach to help with digestion. Causing not enough blood to feed the arms and legs.

Some people think that Blood will be removed from other organs. Until causing the arms to become tired easily Resulting in more chances of drowning.

Even if someone believes this way But never had any scientific proof at all Some people may have stomach ache after swimming after eating until full. But not serious or dangerous in any way.


If friends are not big fans of going to the gym Or unable to play other sports Because there are food injuries in the joints Swimming will be a good option for keeping our body shape. It is a great weight-loss exercise. Helps to increase muscle tone And strengthen the heart. 


Weight training and cardio Which is better?

Between weight training and cardio Which is better?

It can be seen that cardio exercises and weight training are all good weight loss methods. But only weight training. May help lose weight but see results slowly. The cardio can actually cause weight loss. But lacking proportionality. When we lose weight But our skin is easily bias Because there is no muscle Make the robot not firmware Due to cardio, in addition to reducing our fat, we also reduce our muscles.

Therefore, for the best weight-loss exercise recommend that weight training with cardio In order to accelerate. The burning of fat and to be in shape Which will give you a more fit body shape, beautiful body and absolutely healthy as you wish.

Techniques for playing weight training, alternating cardio for effective weight loss.

To use weight training and swapping cardio for effective results and to help lose weight the best. Not difficult Recommend to play 6-7 dice per day, 3 postures per set, 12-15 times per set, then continue with cardio for about 30 minutes. Do this 3-5 days a week.

Split the day at all. For example, today with cardio by running tomorrow, training weight, by going to play at the fitness center Or at home Ensure that the weight is lost. The body is more beautiful than before.

In addition, cardio combined with weights training also helps our body work out more efficiently, such as runners who practice weight training, core muscles, torso and legs. In parallel with running rehearsals Will make us run better and not hurt easily as well.


Whether playing weight training or cardio It helps to lose weight and make you healthy. But will give better results in the long run Should be done in conjunction with the correct diet. Guaranteed that the body is beautiful As you want.



Whether a new runner or a seasoned runner. You should keep running for a long time without torturing your body.

          It is not surprising to see that many new runners give up on weight loss or jogging for good health first. That is because you may not have been able to learn about running techniques yet. The trick to running is not to get tired easily. Then don’t miss it today Because we can lead the way for a long run without tiring Not torturing the body here.

1. Check your health and keep fit.

          Machinery with damaged parts are not fully working. what our body may have a few hidden imperfections, which may make you not run for long After running for a while, I could not feel the pain, my feet hurt knee.

          However, if you still have the desire to run for good health and remain deep in your heart. it is recommended to check your own physical health such as checking the mobility of muscles and joints. Check the health of the knees, back, waist, hips. Be sure to be strong and not easy to risk any injuries so we can run comfortably. Not too tired easily.

2. Warm up before running

          For new runners who don’t really exercise at all Before starting, should warm up first. Try to walk for 5-10 minutes in the basics or try 10 warm-up postures before running to increase fitness and run longer as follows.

Learn more

3. Work hard to keep

          Of course, the first run will be tiring, breathless, and can only be done in a matter of minutes. If your bodies are not used to cardio exercise by running before nor we do not give up our intention Running today is tired. Tomorrow will continue to run again. The body will gradually adjust and allow us to run longer but less tired. Therefore, be diligent in running at least run for 5-10 minutes per day for 5 consecutive days per week is still good.

4. Gradually increase endurance

          if you keep running for a while. We can feel that we can run for longer distances. It mean that your body is getting used to running cardio with the heart beating the building!

5. Trying to run faster.

          Although we ask not to increase the intensity of the run by extending the length of the run like a leap Which is to prevent bodily injury that may occur And prevent your own tiredness. That will multiply But we will ask you to speed up the run instead By running at a normal speed of 2-3 minutes, alternating with sprint (10 seconds), continuing this cycle, or if you run your own footsteps, you may increase your sprint cycle to 30 seconds. In this way, running will improve the strength of the muscles. Increase the capacity of the lungs which will help you to run longer, more durable.

6. climb the slope.

          In addition to increasing endurance in running by speeding up the pace. Train yourself to run on a slope is another thing that I want to try as well. Running and climbing will increase the leg strength Increases the strength of the torso and spine muscles. Also helps to strengthen the lungs. Therefore, if running on a treadmill, then manage to increase the slope of the treadmill Or if it is someone who runs on the road try to find a steep slope or hill to run. It’s good. In the beginning, when running up a hill or increasing slope We may feel a little tired. But if running often, then will chill at all.

7. Strengthen the muscles.

          Running requires almost all the muscles of the body. Which means that we should take care of our muscles the best In addition to jogging according to the above recommendations It may strengthen the muscles with 10 exercise postures for runners Strengthen the muscles for better running.

8. Run alternately, walk fast

          If running for a full footstep for a while and then feeling very tired. Try slowing down and walking fast. By long strides, accelerating at a faster speed than a normal walk This will help prevent the body from causing excessive tension. When the body starts to run, slowly accelerate the pace to return to normal running.

9. Practice breathing while running correctly.

          while running should inhale through the nose and exhale both through the nose and mouth. Breathing should be done. Comfortably and try to breathe with the stomach by inhaling into the lungs until the stomach expands and forced to let the air out with your stomach pull Because improper breathing may cause colic while running. This time, the first intention to run for a long time would probably have been folded by default.

10. Listening to soft music along with it.

          This is not a practical theory proposed for joking, but a research published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness confirms that listening to upbeat music is easy. 

          However, factors such as running shoes or running clothes are also not overlooked. Therefore, runners should wear good quality shoes designed especially for running. Which will help reduce the impact between the foot and the ground Also, the running clothes should be airy and comfortable. For good ventilation.

          We also want to give a little more accurate running posture. For new runners or those who have been exercising for a while but still don’t know the correct running principles. Try following the article below that we can recommend.
Running to lose weight must pay attention. If you don’t want to hurt your knee Do not put your heels down fully. 


Get to know the right ways to prepare before running a marathon.

          Running a marathon is a health activity that is becoming popular among young people today. Besides helping to stay healthy Also makes us more sociable as well There are 3 types of marathons: full marathon with a distance of 42.195 kilometers, half marathon with a distance of 21.1 kilometers, and a mini half marathon with a distance of 10.5 kilometers. Will run a marathon so it can go straight away It is important to prepare for the marathon.

          1.  Prepare your body to get used to before running a marathon. The marathon is long-distance running For newbies. If not preparing the body to get used to exercise first May cause injury to the muscles Then may make us no longer want to run a marathon, so prepare your body to get used to the exercise and should exercise regularly for a period of about 2-4 weeks before the actual running.

          2.  Practicing running for long distances  Although our bodies are already used to exercise Well, that’s not how it can go to run. Best way, we have to learn to run long distances as well. Should at least practice 3-4 months before the actual marathon and do not run too hard Should work out a light exercise schedule alternately to allow the body to rest as well.

          3.  Practicing running virtual. Have been practicing running for many months This time, really want to get down to running. The application is complete. But forget anything? Practice is practice Unlike real running Try practicing like before. Let’s try to practice and run the distance that we are going to race.

          4.  Should not force the body too much. Overworking and practicing too much does not allow the body to rest or rehabilitate will have more disadvantages than good, so the limits should be known. Don’t overdo it until it hurts your body.

          5. Get  enough rest Before the marathon, don’t be so excited that you can’t sleep and don’t sleep. Because you have to prepare your body to fit and run with enough sleep At least 7 hours at least.

          6.  Choose foods that are nutritious. Food is an important issue. But it’s not like eating a buffet or pork with seafood Just eat up to five groups during the practice session. And before the actual run, you should eat foods that contain a small amount of carbohydrates so that you have enough energy to run, such as bananas or breads.

          7.  Water  Drinking water is important. Don’t forget to drink water while running to prevent dehydration. Which the best water is water that has normal temperature Or may choose to drink as a mineral mineral as well.

          8. Can  rest sometimes. Do not force run straight down without resting at all. If you run for up to three hours You need to let your body and lungs rest by walking.

          9.  Stretching muscles to increase. fitness Before and after running. We have to stretch the muscles every time to help reduce the injuries of the body and improve the physical performance as well. 


TOKYO 2020 Olympic Games

2020 Olympics

In The 2020 Olympics. Japan has the opportunity to host the Olympics again. After a period of 56 years (Japan had hosted the first competition in 1964, if the 1940 was canceled because of war), this Olympics is more than a sporting event for all mankind. But it became the hope of the host country to create the best Olympic standard ever for the whole world to see. 

By changing the country including development in all areas of Japan Make believe The management of this Olympics Will be the Olympics of the modern era With the best innovation ever But still preserving The three basic principles that help change the world are: Strive for what is best for you. Unity amidst diversity And connecting with the future.
1. striving for your personal best (achieving your personal best)
2. accepting one another (unity in diversity) .
3. passing on a legacy for the future (connecting to tomorrow)
Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Japan has been an Olympic territory since the 1964 Summer Games, the first time in Asia. In 2021, Japan will host the fourth sporting event. That has a competition Including hosting at the 1972 Winter Olympics in Sapporo and 1998 in Nagano (excluding the 1940s abstained by World War II).Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 Causing the Tokyo 2020 Olympics to be postponed By the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 will be held on July 23, 2021.Olympics 2020 Olympic Games 2021 Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
2020 Olympics, also known as Tokyo 2020, Held for the 32nd time, held in Tokyo Japan Between 23 July 2021 and 8 August 2021.

3 countries selected in the first round, which are

  1. Tokyo, Japan
  2. Istanbul, Turkey
  3. Madrid spain

By voting ?

Using the secret voting system In the first voting. No city received half of the votes. Tokyo won 42 votes in the first round, while Istanbul and Madrid received 26 votes. In which Istanbul won 49-45 votes. The final round was evaluated against Japan in the final vote. In which the results show that Tokyo was chosen to host with 60 to 36 votes.

As for the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo Received budget for further improvements. Full restoration And a new stadium design competition since 2012, in which the architect Sahahidid, the contest winner There are plans to expand the seating capacity from 50,000 seats to 80,000 seats, which is a popular capacity of the Olympics. However, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that plans to build a new national stadium have been canceled.  Have a contest again In the midst of public dissatisfaction during the construction of the stadium. 

Which has a higher cost than expected In the fall of 2015, a new design by Mr. Kenko Kumuma was approved as the winner of the new stadium design contest. Which opened on December 19, 2019, has a capacity of 68,000 seats and can increase the audience to a maximum of 80, 016 Seats with extra chairs A total of 28 sports venues from 33 sports will be hosted in Tokyo. With the construction of up to 11 new stadiums. 



The right way to choose the right running shoes.

Do you wonder how to choose the right running shoes ? after many shoes are not fit for you.

Running shoes are considered as a running device for all runners  . Many people have choosing problem about the right shoes for their feet. Especially for new runners. Some people when trying at the store feel good. But when wearing and feeling that it wasn’t As the administrators often see, friends who kick the ball regularly tend to choose running shoes like football shoes, which is to choose to fit a little. When actually running to find that it is too tight. Many of you are lucky to have running shoes. when I keep wearing it, it starts to get old The model that I am wearing is not manufactured further. Sometimes there are new technologies coming out. Want to try and want to change brands. But not sure if it will suit you? Check out the   
It’s important to look when choosing running shoes. And errors that should be careful

When you wear running shoes the heels of yours should fit snugly with the heel of the shoes. Emphasizing that the fit is not too tight. If you try to hang a rope loose, do not tie the rope  should be able to take off their shoes. When running, don’t forget to tie the rope to the top hole to prevent the shoes from sliding. Avoid shoes that are worn and feel hurt.  if the secondary size at the shop still hurts When running, the pain will multiply.

Running shoes that are right for us should be tight and wrap around the back of our feet. Do not let the feeling that the back of the foot is squeezed too much. Some friends may feel that there is an area that is too tightly tightly spotted . Try the lacing technique to fix the strap shoes as follows. 

The foot shape of each friend has different characteristics. Shoes that suit us should have the right width. You should be able to move the front foot. The feet should not touch the edge of the shoe . If you feel that our toe is running aground Meaning that the shoes that my friends tried are too narrow for our feet

An important reason to have a space to allow your feet to expand in both width and length. Since our feet become swollen when we run , so don’t forget to keep the space between the longest toe and the end of the shoe when trying on your friends’ shoes. Try to tie the laces and stand up. Your toe should be able to swing up and down comfortably.

Bend according to the shape of the foot
The shoes will curve while running and there are broken points. We can see this broken point by holding the heel of the shoe and pressing the tip of the shoe to the floor. We call this the Flex Point. Friends should try to see if the Flex Point of the running shoe that we try is similar to that of our feet. The shoes bend to the shape of our feet?

This is a simple item that many friends forget while trying on running shoes. Because we tend to wear it while we sit Some people may try to stand. I recommend not to stop there, try to run gently around.