What is exactly cardio ?

Cardio for The beginners may not know this word But if people who exercise regularly Or people who are losing weight will know immediately what cardio is and how important it is. How necessary are we to include cardio in our daily exercise plan?

What is Cardio?

Cardio, also known as Aerobic exercise . Is an exercise that focuses on stimulating the circulatory system, metabolic system to strengthen the heart muscle.

The blood circulation system is better. Blood can go to different parts. Of more bodies And bring useful nutrients Such as various vitamins and minerals Including oxygen Better to the destination cells.The cells become stronger, work better, the body become stronger.

What are kind of cardio?

Exercise such as walking, running, swimming, cycling, tennis, HIIT or any type of exercise, which causes the heart to beat approximately 50-75% (or more) of the maximum heart rate Is included as a total of cardio.

Calculation of the approximate maximum heart rate of 220 – age. For example, if a red rat is 30 years old, then the maximum heart rate will be 220-30 = 190 times per minute.

Therefore, if the red rat exercises Causes the heart to continuously beat at least 95 times per minute (50% of 190), then the red rat is considered to be doing ufabet cardio exercises.

Benefits of Cardio
Cardio has many benefits. If we regularly do cardio exercises, we will receive the following benefits: Stimulate metabolism. Lose fat, lose weight, reduce thighs, reduce belly ,stronger heart.

Good circulatory system

Reduce stress, depression, improved mental health,Makes the brain work better,Better sleep.

There are many advantages to cardio. And most importantly, who is fat Overweight If wanting to be skinny, have to do ufabet cardio often.

How hard the level of doing a cardio to be good?

As I said in the beginning Any exercise Which causes the heart to beat 50% of the maximum heart rate is cardio. Therefore, proper cardio has no fixed principles. Who is very strong Able to heavy cardio, but if anyone is sick Or just starting to exercise Should start light cardio Collect the flying hours first, do not overdo it and gradually increase the intensity later.

The frequency of cardio

Cardio time That health researchers recommend Minimum, ordinary people must exercise cardio as follows.

30 minutes a day, 5 days a week
Or 60 minutes a day, 3 days a week

the more cardio, the more fit, the faster weight loss So have time to cardio often, but some people who play magic want to strengthen muscles Want to reduce the fat percentage below 10%, then should limit the cardio to a minimum is enough Otherwise, taking too much ufabet cardio will cause the body to use muscles for energy. As a result, the muscle growth was not achieved as intended.

Fat and cardio

People who are losing weight are especially interested in cardio. Because cardio directly reduces fat But the question is How long should we be doing cardio? To reduce fat the most? So let’s look at the ratio of fat burning / glycogen when we do cardio first.

Light cardio (Heart beats about 50% of the maximum heart rate) the body uses fat / glycogen to use as energy in the ratio 60/40.
Intensive cardio (Heart beats about 75% of the maximum heart rate). The ratio of fat / glycogen that water bodies burn is equal to 35/65.

In the case of intensive cardio Although the ratio of fat burning to glycogen is lower. But the calorie content of burned fat is up to 140 CAL, higher than the fat burned by light cardio that burns only 120 CAL.

The more we cardio. The more fat is burned Anyone who is not worried about building muscle. It is advisable to focus on cardio exercise very much before (but do not force the body to hurt. Exercise as much as we can)

The best time of cardio

A good cardio can be done all day. There is a belief that cardio in the morning will help reduce fat as much as possible. Because the body can burn calories from stored fat directly. Without having to burn the calories that result from meals Makes losing weight faster.

Have seen many advantages of doing cardio, then you should start cardio exercise from today Maybe cardio to cure illness Or increase physical fitness. Maybe set a small goal first and then increase the target size is not certain that in the next 6 months, friends may be 1 in 10 national marathon runners. Who knows?