The right way to choose the right running shoes.

Do you wonder how to choose the right running shoes ? after many shoes are not fit for you.

Running shoes are considered as a running device for all runners  . Many people have choosing problem about the right shoes for their feet. Especially for new runners. Some people when trying at the store feel good. But when wearing and feeling that it wasn’t As the administrators often see, friends who kick the ball regularly tend to choose running shoes like football shoes, which is to choose to fit a little. When actually running to find that it is too tight. Many of you are lucky to have running shoes. when I keep wearing it, it starts to get old The model that I am wearing is not manufactured further. Sometimes there are new technologies coming out. Want to try and want to change brands. But not sure if it will suit you? Check out the   
It’s important to look when choosing running shoes. And errors that should be careful

When you wear running shoes the heels of yours should fit snugly with the heel of the shoes. Emphasizing that the fit is not too tight. If you try to hang a rope loose, do not tie the rope  should be able to take off their shoes. When running, don’t forget to tie the rope to the top hole to prevent the shoes from sliding. Avoid shoes that are worn and feel hurt.  if the secondary size at the shop still hurts When running, the pain will multiply.

Running shoes that are right for us should be tight and wrap around the back of our feet. Do not let the feeling that the back of the foot is squeezed too much. Some friends may feel that there is an area that is too tightly tightly spotted . Try the lacing technique to fix the strap shoes as follows. 

The foot shape of each friend has different characteristics. Shoes that suit us should have the right width. You should be able to move the front foot. The feet should not touch the edge of the shoe . If you feel that our toe is running aground Meaning that the shoes that my friends tried are too narrow for our feet

An important reason to have a space to allow your feet to expand in both width and length. Since our feet become swollen when we run , so don’t forget to keep the space between the longest toe and the end of the shoe when trying on your friends’ shoes. Try to tie the laces and stand up. Your toe should be able to swing up and down comfortably.

Bend according to the shape of the foot
The shoes will curve while running and there are broken points. We can see this broken point by holding the heel of the shoe and pressing the tip of the shoe to the floor. We call this the Flex Point. Friends should try to see if the Flex Point of the running shoe that we try is similar to that of our feet. The shoes bend to the shape of our feet?

This is a simple item that many friends forget while trying on running shoes. Because we tend to wear it while we sit Some people may try to stand. I recommend not to stop there, try to run gently around.