Get to know the right ways to prepare before running a marathon.

          Running a marathon is a health activity that is becoming popular among young people today. Besides helping to stay healthy Also makes us more sociable as well There are 3 types of marathons: full marathon with a distance of 42.195 kilometers, half marathon with a distance of 21.1 kilometers, and a mini half marathon with a distance of 10.5 kilometers. Will run a marathon so it can go straight away It is important to prepare for the marathon.

          1.  Prepare your body to get used to before running a marathon. The marathon is long-distance running For newbies. If not preparing the body to get used to exercise first May cause injury to the muscles Then may make us no longer want to run a marathon, so prepare your body to get used to the exercise and should exercise regularly for a period of about 2-4 weeks before the actual running.

          2.  Practicing running for long distances  Although our bodies are already used to exercise Well, that’s not how it can go to run. Best way, we have to learn to run long distances as well. Should at least practice 3-4 months before the actual marathon and do not run too hard Should work out a light exercise schedule alternately to allow the body to rest as well.

          3.  Practicing running virtual. Have been practicing running for many months This time, really want to get down to running. The application is complete. But forget anything? Practice is practice Unlike real running Try practicing like before. Let’s try to practice and run the distance that we are going to race.

          4.  Should not force the body too much. Overworking and practicing too much does not allow the body to rest or rehabilitate will have more disadvantages than good, so the limits should be known. Don’t overdo it until it hurts your body.

          5. Get  enough rest Before the marathon, don’t be so excited that you can’t sleep and don’t sleep. Because you have to prepare your body to fit and run with enough sleep At least 7 hours at least.

          6.  Choose foods that are nutritious. Food is an important issue. But it’s not like eating a buffet or pork with seafood Just eat up to five groups during the practice session. And before the actual run, you should eat foods that contain a small amount of carbohydrates so that you have enough energy to run, such as bananas or breads.

          7.  Water  Drinking water is important. Don’t forget to drink water while running to prevent dehydration. Which the best water is water that has normal temperature Or may choose to drink as a mineral mineral as well.

          8. Can  rest sometimes. Do not force run straight down without resting at all. If you run for up to three hours You need to let your body and lungs rest by walking.

          9.  Stretching muscles to increase. fitness Before and after running. We have to stretch the muscles every time to help reduce the injuries of the body and improve the physical performance as well.