Whether a new runner or a seasoned runner. You should keep running for a long time without torturing your body.

          It is not surprising to see that many new runners give up on weight loss or jogging for good health first. That is because you may not have been able to learn about running techniques yet. The trick to running is not to get tired easily. Then don’t miss it today Because we can lead the way for a long run without tiring Not torturing the body here.

1. Check your health and keep fit.

          Machinery with damaged parts are not fully working. what our body may have a few hidden imperfections, which may make you not run for long After running for a while, I could not feel the pain, my feet hurt knee.

          However, if you still have the desire to run for good health and remain deep in your heart. it is recommended to check your own physical health such as checking the mobility of muscles and joints. Check the health of the knees, back, waist, hips. Be sure to be strong and not easy to risk any injuries so we can run comfortably. Not too tired easily.

2. Warm up before running

          For new runners who don’t really exercise at all Before starting, should warm up first. Try to walk for 5-10 minutes in the basics or try 10 warm-up postures before running to increase fitness and run longer as follows.

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3. Work hard to keep

          Of course, the first run will be tiring, breathless, and can only be done in a matter of minutes. If your bodies are not used to cardio exercise by running before nor we do not give up our intention Running today is tired. Tomorrow will continue to run again. The body will gradually adjust and allow us to run longer but less tired. Therefore, be diligent in running at least run for 5-10 minutes per day for 5 consecutive days per week is still good.

4. Gradually increase endurance

          if you keep running for a while. We can feel that we can run for longer distances. It mean that your body is getting used to running cardio with the heart beating the building!

5. Trying to run faster.

          Although we ask not to increase the intensity of the run by extending the length of the run like a leap Which is to prevent bodily injury that may occur And prevent your own tiredness. That will multiply But we will ask you to speed up the run instead By running at a normal speed of 2-3 minutes, alternating with sprint (10 seconds), continuing this cycle, or if you run your own footsteps, you may increase your sprint cycle to 30 seconds. In this way, running will improve the strength of the muscles. Increase the capacity of the lungs which will help you to run longer, more durable.

6. climb the slope.

          In addition to increasing endurance in running by speeding up the pace. Train yourself to run on a slope is another thing that I want to try as well. Running and climbing will increase the leg strength Increases the strength of the torso and spine muscles. Also helps to strengthen the lungs. Therefore, if running on a treadmill, then manage to increase the slope of the treadmill Or if it is someone who runs on the road try to find a steep slope or hill to run. It’s good. In the beginning, when running up a hill or increasing slope We may feel a little tired. But if running often, then will chill at all.

7. Strengthen the muscles.

          Running requires almost all the muscles of the body. Which means that we should take care of our muscles the best In addition to jogging according to the above recommendations It may strengthen the muscles with 10 exercise postures for runners Strengthen the muscles for better running.

8. Run alternately, walk fast

          If running for a full footstep for a while and then feeling very tired. Try slowing down and walking fast. By long strides, accelerating at a faster speed than a normal walk This will help prevent the body from causing excessive tension. When the body starts to run, slowly accelerate the pace to return to normal running.

9. Practice breathing while running correctly.

          while running should inhale through the nose and exhale both through the nose and mouth. Breathing should be done. Comfortably and try to breathe with the stomach by inhaling into the lungs until the stomach expands and forced to let the air out with your stomach pull Because improper breathing may cause colic while running. This time, the first intention to run for a long time would probably have been folded by default.

10. Listening to soft music along with it.

          This is not a practical theory proposed for joking, but a research published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness confirms that listening to upbeat music is easy. 

          However, factors such as running shoes or running clothes are also not overlooked. Therefore, runners should wear good quality shoes designed especially for running. Which will help reduce the impact between the foot and the ground Also, the running clothes should be airy and comfortable. For good ventilation.

          We also want to give a little more accurate running posture. For new runners or those who have been exercising for a while but still don’t know the correct running principles. Try following the article below that we can recommend.
Running to lose weight must pay attention. If you don’t want to hurt your knee Do not put your heels down fully.