Weight training and cardio Which is better?

Between weight training and cardio Which is better?

It can be seen that cardio exercises and weight training are all good weight loss methods. But only weight training. May help lose weight but see results slowly. The cardio can actually cause weight loss. But lacking proportionality. When we lose weight But our skin is easily bias Because there is no muscle Make the robot not firmware Due to cardio, in addition to reducing our fat, we also reduce our muscles.

Therefore, for the best weight-loss exercise recommend that weight training with cardio In order to accelerate. The burning of fat and to be in shape Which will give you a more fit body shape, beautiful body and absolutely healthy as you wish.

Techniques for playing weight training, alternating cardio for effective weight loss.

To use weight training and swapping cardio for effective results and to help lose weight the best. Not difficult Recommend to play 6-7 dice per day, 3 postures per set, 12-15 times per set, then continue with cardio for about 30 minutes. Do this 3-5 days a week.

Split the day at all. For example, today with cardio by running tomorrow, training weight, by going to play at the fitness center Or at home Ensure that the weight is lost. The body is more beautiful than before.

In addition, cardio combined with weights training also helps our body work out more efficiently, such as runners who practice weight training, core muscles, torso and legs. In parallel with running rehearsals Will make us run better and not hurt easily as well.


Whether playing weight training or cardio It helps to lose weight and make you healthy. But will give better results in the long run Should be done in conjunction with the correct diet. Guaranteed that the body is beautiful As you want.