10 Tips to lose weight with swimming.

When someone try to lose weight. The first thing that he will do is “Apply for the gym.” But we don’t always have to go to the gym to change. And we can see better weight loss results from activities that we like, like swimming.

Swimming is not just a way to escape from hot weather. It is also one of the best weight loss methods. According to Franklin Antoian, personal coach of iBodyFit.

“Swimming will help you lose weight as much as running. But we can exercise without having to experience the impact. Which will benefit people who have injuries or have joint pain. “

10 tips for losing weight by swimming.

Whether we are swimming to reduce belly fat, to increase muscle tone Or just change the pattern of exercise Here are some ways to help us see the best results.

1. Swim before eating breakfast.

This way, it may seem impossible for everyone. But it’s worth to try

Nick Rizzo, trainer from RunRepeat.com, said going for a morning swim. When we haven’t eaten that breakfast This means that we are currently in the intermittent fasting phase. The body will be ready to use fat for energy. Swimming is not only a very good cardio workout. But also a whole body exercise You will definitely see good results.

2. Swim harder and faster

Swimming will burn a lot of calories. Although we have just started swimming. But if we swim better and more efficiently Our heart rate will not increase much, says Paul Johnson.

He said that we can swim harder and faster. To increase the heart rate Let us wear a device to measure the heart rate while swimming. Our goal is to use a moderate intensity, should be 50-70% of the maximum heart rate.

(We can calculate the Maximum Heart Rate simply by removing 220 minus our age)

3. Attend swimming classes

Studying stroke swimming technique will help us to swim at moderate intensity.

4. Change swimming styles

If we have used the same swimming techniques throughout It is like limiting the ability of the body. We must give up comfort. And find a way to modify our training This will allow us to use muscle groups that have never been used before. Which will result in better results from training

5. Swim 4-5 days a week.

In order to lose weight The more exercise, the better for us. Whether walking or jogging Cardio exercises that use equipment, including swimming.

Swimming exercises often to lose weight. The same is true for other forms of exercise that are good for the cardiovascular system. Set that goal should be to practice for 4-5 days a week.

6. Start slowly

Begin by swimming 15-20 minutes a day before then gradually increase the training time to 30 minutes, depending on our fitness. If we just started to practice swimming, then we overworked our concentration training too much. Pain and muscle aches will cause us to stop practicing.

7. Swimming rehearsals alternating with  aqua aerobics.

We don’t need to swim every day. In order to see the results If one day does not practice swimming, then let us take the class ” Aqua Aerobics ”  ( Aqua Aerobics ) straight away. It is a great exercise and has less stress. Which will help the body move on a rest day.

8. Swim using aiding equipment.

If we don’t swim hard, we may use foam or use Pool noodle to help us float. Or can wear a life jacket at all It will help us to float while we are moving arms and legs in the water.

9. Use the weight of water to be useful.

If you are swimming to lose weight or tone your muscles, practice  bicep curls with water dumbbells. During every swim Water creates resistance, which helps strengthen strength and stamina.

10. Change diet

Regardless of what type of weight loss program we use However, we have to use more calories than we received. If we want to lose two or more pounds Anyway, we have to rearrange the food. And be careful Because swimming will use a lot of energy. Therefore, we must replenish energy with food. And the coolness of the water in the pool will also make us feel more and more craving for food seriously. If feeling more hungry than before Let us put more vegetables in the dish. Drink protein And avoid eating snacks.

Remember that using different postures Will help us to burn more calories than before Depends on which part of the muscle is being used Therefore, try using various postures so that the muscles and body have to adjust all the time.

Allow us to do freestyle 1 day, and the next day to switch to butterfly posture. “Butterfly posture will work the most physically. Is an exercise all over the body And is the position that can burn the most calories. “The butterfly position should be used as a second position And the third position is the backstroke position.

Using each level of concentration will bring you great results. Sprint Interval Training, which is a 30-second swift swim, followed by a 4-minute recovery.

During the round we can take a full minute rest. Or if you want to continue swimming, you should keep swimming at an intensity of 1/10 and keep practicing repeatedly. 4-8 rounds seem to be minimal. But actually when swimming fast, we have to use 100% full power for 30 seconds. It’s hard! But it is an effective method In each round, we can change the swimming position or not.

General misunderstandings about swimming

Many children are taught not to swim! Until the food has been eaten for 30-60 minutes, people tend to think that blood is delivered to the stomach to help with digestion. Causing not enough blood to feed the arms and legs.

Some people think that Blood will be removed from other organs. Until causing the arms to become tired easily Resulting in more chances of drowning.

Even if someone believes this way But never had any scientific proof at all Some people may have stomach ache after swimming after eating until full. But not serious or dangerous in any way.


If friends are not big fans of going to the gym Or unable to play other sports Because there are food injuries in the joints Swimming will be a good option for keeping our body shape. It is a great weight-loss exercise. Helps to increase muscle tone And strengthen the heart.