Cardio, Effective Exercise For The Body And Heart.

Cardio Exercise is an exercise that focuses on strengthening the heart and lungs so that more oxygen can be used. It also helps to stimulate the heart rate and blood pressure. Helps to burn calories. And helps to lose weight as well.

What is cardio?

Cardio exercise can be divided into 2 types according to the intensity of the shock caused by exercise as follows lower Impact. Cardio Exercise is an exercise that does not cause much pressure or impact on the joints, including Swimming,Riding a bicycle,Elliptical Trainer Exercise,Walking,Rowing.

Exercise with higher impact strength (Higher Impact Cardio Exercise) is an exercise that causes shock or pressure at the joints are Running ,Skipping rope,aerobic dance or exercise with heavy basic postures.

There are also other cardio exercises that are interesting, including Zumba dance. Exercise in water And body weight exercise That is useful to those who want to exercise. However, in choosing the type of exercise, it should be chosen to suit the health and physical condition to reduce the risk of injury.

How often can cardio work out?

  We can do at least 150 minutes of cardio per week for regular exercise and 75 minutes per week.  For maximum intensity exercise which can be observed from the heart rate. The high intensity exercise will result in the heart rate at 70-85% of the maximum heart rate. 
In addition, exercise should be performed at an appropriate amount of time to prevent injury. The exercise should be divided into 5-7 days per week. With the American Heart Association recommending that Should exercise at least 30 minutes a day, but can be divided into 1-3 times a day Will help exercise to be more effective It also helps to control weight. And helps the cardiovascular system to work better.

Benefits of Cardio
  1. Proper cardio exercise will provide many benefits, both physically and physically.
  2. Help to lose weight if traditional cardio exercise combined with dieting. Will help lose weight and control weight better.
  3. Add strength to the body If practicing cardio continuously in the long run Not only will help lose weight But will help reduce fatigue And helps to feel refreshed More strong.
  4. Stimulate the immune system to be strong Cardio will help strengthen the immune system. Helps reduce the risk of virus infection Makes it not flu or flu easily.
  5. Reduce health risks Regular cardio exercise can reduce the risk of many serious health problems, such as heart disease, obesity,obesity, high blood pressure.  Type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer also, if it is a cardio exercise to lose weight (Weight-bearing exercise) will help reduce the risk. Osteoporosis  as well.
  6. Helps to control the symptoms of chronic diseases. For patients with chronic diseases Appropriate cardio exercises can help control symptoms, such as helping to control blood pressure. Reduce blood sugar levels, etc., but must exercise at the appropriate level according to doctor’s advice.
  7. Helps the heart work at full capacity Cardio directly affects the work of the heart. Which, if exercising regularly on cardio, will help the heart pump blood more efficiently. It also has a positive effect on the circulatory system as well.
  8. Lowering cholesterol , regular exercise will stimulate the body to create good cholesterol (HDL), which will help reduce bad cholesterol (LDL), which, if too many, will accumulate in plaque. In the blood vessels and can cause coronary heart disease.
  9. Help restore mental health. Patients with mental health problems such as depression Or feeling pressured Exercise helps the mind to relax.
  10. Helps to slow down the deterioration of the body. Regular exercise will help the muscles maintain their strength. Which will benefit the body movement as we get older .