The Havana Marathon – Cuba How is it interesting?

This event has another name is Marabana. Although it is not a big event that can be compared to other world competitions. But the atmosphere in the competition has its own unique characteristics that are interesting.

We will run together with the local people who come to participate in the running event as well. If going to this event, you should have to carry your Energy gel and drinks on your own.
We will find that there are many people who come to run the race without running shoes . This is why many foreign runners tend to donate their old shoes to these people. Which is considered to be the kindness that the fellow runners.

Race registration may take place just a few hours before firing a signal, beginning the run and often Olympic champions like Alberto Juantorena, Ana Quirot or Javier Sotomayor waved the signal flags to start the race.

The running route will run 2 rounds, while those who run the half marathon will start at the same time, but will run only one round. Beginning in Paseo del Prado, running down to Malecon, which is adjacent to the Atlantic And there will be waves crashing until water splashes into and hits the runners on the road Then head back to the shore to Raul Diaz Stadium before turning back to Old Havana Old Town, El Capitolio, back to Malecon Road, passing the monuments at the Plaza de la Revolucion.

Havana Marathon Map

The weather is hot and humid. But there will be water and orange distribution points every 2-3 km. On the first 9 km route. The beach will be a flat path before starting to run into the shore and then uphill running routes. which from the overview, is still considered suitable for novice runners who want to adventure.

Competition Details

Month of the competition : November

Application period : March

Number of participants : 3,000 people

Difficulty level : 6/10

Things to consider : The weather in the path may be filled with car fumes, the weather can heat up to 30 degrees.