Beginners choose tennis shoes?

Different types of sports shoes will vary. I personally used to think that Take it for granted that school days don’t have much wealth Which will cost tennis rackets, tennis balls, court rental fees, so overlook the tennis shoes I don’t think it is very important. (In summary, I haven’t had money to buy yet.

That day was very hot. I play with friends. With a game that is very close, I 1, 5 5 Ee, that the heart is still fighting, fighting, but something that is unlikely to occur until it can be achieved. The opponents put the ball in the middle between me and a friend, which is 2-3 meters apart. I saw a picture of Pete Sam Pras coming up.

He slides himself and the shoes flow into to get the ball. Oh, mm. Elder Pete Sampras is in Sing, but why is he not so inferior? NOW! What happened? Turn the ankle.

Oh, God punished the baby. Must be hospitalized Splinted for over 1 month. During that time, the mind was still on the field but the body Absolutely secretly watching him play Which I personally try to find the reason What is the reason? Why not like in the CD (at that time there was no YouTube)

Conclusion 2 main factors select the wrong type of shoes !

 1. Running Shoes 

The studies have shown that 50% -70% of runners are injured from running. This is because while running 200% -300% of body weight.  That press down on the heel (or the toe of short-term runners), so running shoes play a very important role to runners .

The role of running shoes is

– To help support and distribute weight Materials used by only the heel area. Will have a special feature in distributing force to various parts including transferring weight to the ground.
– preventing injury the outsole especially the heel area will look wide out To help increase stability in each step that runs.
– helps to increase the ability to run Reduce the amount of use of the calf and knee muscles.

2.Court shoes, such as tennis 

Playing court sport has characteristics the unique movements. That are different from other sports, such as standing in a ready position With the weight pressed down on the foreskin, moving in the front, back and side movements. 
The movement is fast and stops suddenly. And in addition to horizontal movements, there are also jumps Therefore, court sports shoes must have their own characteristics and roles.


– helping to receive and distribute weight Materials used, especially the front foot area And the heel has the ability to receive and transfer energy from various directions As well And helps reduce the amount of muscle.

– prevents injuryThe materials used are strong and durable. And tighten the soles of the feet And heel to support movement in various directions And help support the ankle for ankle shoes.

– The pattern of the tread pattern will have a special effect on the flexibility, slippery and the turning point of the shoe. 

– The outer edge of the shoe is thick. To prevent the wear of the insole from movement And dragging your feet in different directions.