The difference between hiking and climbing and equipment preparation

Actually, the terms Trekking Hiking and Summitting Climbling are different. Understanding the differences between these two terms Help us choose the right equipment. Do not carry anything until the luggage is heavy. Until becoming a burden when traveling.

Hiking (Trekking / Hiking) is a walk, especially walking on mountainous areas.
Climbing (Summitting / Climbling) is to climb the mountain. In order to reach the top of that mountain.
So if someone says to go hiking the Everest Base Camp and climbing the top, Everest is a completely different trip.
Hiking the Everest Base Camp is a hike through various spots. To reach his destination, at the base of the Everest camp.

Those who climb the Everest peak are those who conquer the highest peak in this world. Which will find both life-death, risk and takes 10-12 weeks to train and prepare the body to become accustomed to height like military training .

Of course the price is different.

Hiking for Everest Base Camp, the price is around $ 500 onwards per person (16,500 baht).

As for the Everest climb, the estimated price is 70,000-120,000 USD per person (2,310,000-3,960,000 Baht)

Now, knowing the difference between Hiking and mountain climbing Let’s see how to prepare the equipment!

Basic equipment to prepare for hiking
  • Trekking shoes Lightweight 1 pair / Trekking shoes that can wear in the rain 1 pair / Slippers 1 pair.Trekking shoes should be invested well before buying because good shoes Can really be a friend in times of difficulty Helping our destination bag without having to rush to find a shoe repair shop. Until losing travel plans.
  • Socks (3 pairs of long socks / 2 short pairs)
  • Lightweight waterproof windproof rain jacket For 1 Trekking, 1 heat tech shirt and long johns 1 coat for protection.
  • T-shirts and pants for trekking Lightweight, anti-smudge, quick drying for 2-3 Trekking
  • 1 pair of gloves for protection against cold weather The temperature depends on where to go. If going to Nepal Or Ladakh, winter To buy at a temperature of minus 10-30 degrees.
  • 1 pair of treating sticks
  • Wet wipes for heavy use And wipe when not taking a shower.
  • Sunglasses are very important. * Because on the mountain is sunny and windy.
  • Headband flashlight For use when trekking at night And when going to the bathroom.
  • Day pack or small backpack To put only the important things to walk For large bags, porters often carry them for them.
  • Some towels are quick-drying.

As for other belongings That is a helper And recommend not forgetting to carry it, including laces are used to help with miscellaneous things, such as using temporary shoes to open the shoes. Before finding a shoe repair shop.

  • Scottish tape
  • Mosquito repellent spray
  • Use yogi to sprinkle socks.
  • A large plastic bag folds flat and hidden, to put on used clothes or other things as intended.
  • Full body rain jacket
  • Sunscreen
  • Common and home medicine, fever medicine, headache, diarrhea, diamox, altitude relief, etc. Plaster is a convenient medicine to wade even in the presence of wounds.
  • Multi-purpose folding knife

Basic equipment that should be prepared for climbing . All the above tracking equipment

Carabiner or safety hook Choose strong and can support the weight of at least 1 person.
Rope and climbing equipment, abseiling, snow walking shoes Ax, ice gouging, etc. Most tour companies have already prepared it.