Benefits of swimming

Swimming is a type of exercise that is considered the best way.
In addition to making the body healthy.Also makes the mind relax when the body is immersed in water as well.Swimming is another option of exercise.That many people like today, so we bring The benefits of swimming  too.

1. Helps to lose weight

Swimming can cause the body to burn up to 367 calories.

Takes only 30 minutes, which is as much as brisk walking cycling or jogging.

2. Helps to reduce stress and increase self-confidence.

Survey of 74,000 swimmers.Found that 74 percent thought that swimming.

helps to relax from stress. Including pressure and feel refreshed when swimming.

3. Help good mood

Another study shows that swimmers.Regardless of the level, there is often no stress.Pressure, depression, anger and confusion when they swim.
The swimming causes the body to release serotonin hormones that cause good mood.

4. Helping the muscles become strong

Swimming is the perfect way to strengthen your muscles.Swimming is also an exercise that does not require exercise equipment.At an expensive price as well

5. Swimming is an exercise that is very low risk of injury.

Because water helps to float and helps reduce movement. The tension of the bones, joints and muscles down as well.Swimming therefore has less risk of injury than other types of exercise.

6. Helps to sleep well.

helps to sleep well. There is a tendency to sleep better than those who do not exercise at all.

7. swimming without sweat

When you swim, don’t feel too hot or don’t feel sweat.Because the water around you will cool you down.

8. Helps reduce the risk of various diseases.

Swimming is a good exercise for the heart and blood vessels.

Therefore, if you swim regularly Will reduce the risk of various diseases such as blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke of 4 swimming styles?

4 What are the benefits of swimming postures?

Swimming is considered a sport rather than a sport. Because aside from allowing us to exercise, have good health. Swimming will also allow us to open various opportunities in life, such as having fun in the pool with friends.

The surfing the sea to admire the beautiful scenery without fear In this regard, swimming. There are 4 swimming positions that are often used regularly.Such as freestyle, rowing, frog and butterfly.

The benefits Of the 4 swimming positions.

1. Freestyle (Crawl or Freestyle) is the most popular swimming posture.

Since it is a simple posture And don’t need to spend a long time practicing.The advantage of the freestyle pose is that it can move quickly and far without wasting very little energy.But full exercise, both arms, legs and back.

 2. Backstroke is an easy swimming posture. 

If able to swim, freestyle pose is already the original capital.The benefit of the backstroke posture  is that it can improve our physique because of the backstroke.
You will need to keep your back straight while swimming and will improve your hip flexibility.

 3. Frog (Breaststroke).

 The benefit of Frog posture is that it can be a good exercise because In addition to helping different parts of the body

For example, the back, shoulders, and chest muscles are exercised. Lungs and heart become stronger as well.

 4. Butterfly position (Butterfly).

Not suitable for those who are just starting to swim. Because it is a position that requires expertise to be able to swim smoothly.

The benefit of the butterfly pose is that it is the most effective posture for adjusting and building muscles.

Helps the upper body become strong, improving the breasts, stomach, arms Especially the abdominal muscle and back muscles Helps to increase flexibility, suppleness and elongation of the body to adjust the body.

For swimming is considered a very good exercise. And each swimming position has different benefits.Try to train all positions to increase the diversity in swimming. Ensure that you will enjoy swimming even more for sure.