How to walk correctly?

          Walking exercise Simple physical activities that give you more than you think Medications for physical well-being that many people overlook.

          “walking” is a medium-heavy physical activity. There are many health benefits such as improved mental health. Reduce anxiety and depression lose weight by increasing the metabolism of sugar Reduce blood lipid levels Lower blood pressure Reduce thin bones or weathering etc. These are things that the MPs have told us to tell us to get up and walk more.

9 reasons to get up and walk

          1. Can do it by yourself
          2. Healthy body Without equipment
          3. healthier without paying
          4. Use less hot but not burning well
          5. The third body is stiff. Strong bones And strong muscles.
          6. Safe, worry-free.
          7. Three is good weight control, shapely and good skin.
          8. Reduce stress, enhance mood.
          9. Can do anywhere, anytime.

How should we start walking?

          Walk slowly Begin by walking slowly for 3-5 minutes. When feeling accustomed. Gradually increase the speed to the level that is enough to feel tired Then walk for another 25-30 minutes and slow down at the end before walking for another 3-5 minutes and then stop. If you feel tired (say in a few words), slow down the speed of walking If it is a lot, find a seat.

Techniques to walk properly

          1. While walking, look straight ahead. The head and body are upright. Both shoulders are at a straight level.

          2. Swing the left-right arm alternating front-back parallel to the body. Both hands are loosened, with the hands swinging at the chest level. In a relaxed manner Slightly bent elbow at an angle of about 90 degrees between the forearm – the bottom.

          3. The pace of the foot is consistent

          4.When walking, should walk about halfway to step with the heel to touch the floor. And transfer the weight to the soles of the feet As for the other leg, lift the heel and transfer the weight to the toe. This walk will help exercise the shin muscles. Is a walk for good health And promote personality as well.

          5. The length of the pace depends on walking. Importantly, should not go too long Because the thigh and hip muscles can be tired.

          6. Walking uphill should walk more slowly. Lean forward a little and when walking down the hill, try to control short steps and keep your feet light.

Where to walk and how often?

   walk – shouldn’t walk in a spot near the road Which is at risk of accident Walking places should be well ventilated. Not too hot Because the body will become exhausted Do not walk on a steep slope, causing the risk of falls or danger.

          – Usually we should walk 2.5-3.5 kilometers per day or 10,000 steps per day, but if feeling that counting steps is too difficult, should walk for a long time 30 minutes is an easy way.

          – start walking to exercise from 3 days a week and add up to 5-6 days (a total of not less than 150 minutes per week)

           Although walking is one of the safest and best methods of exercise. But taking precautions to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries is an important issue. That security also includes paying attention to the warning signs of the body that occurs. When exercising too hard And immediately consult a doctor if a health problem occurs.

          Try stepping foot or invite friends,family members come to walk together. Makes walking not boring anymore.