Lose weight the wrong way Cause of hair loss and thinning

     Many women want to have a slim body like an hourglass. The idea that leaner is equal to being in shape, many people choose to lose weight the wrong way. With fasting Instead of dieting And exercise The result is that the body is not getting enough nutrients it needs each day. Causing the body to become malnourished And may lead to various diseases Including hair loss as well   Why is weight loss effective for hair loss?               As mentioned above that ‘Malnutrition’

It is one of the reasons for hair loss. That’s because your hair needs enough vitamins and nutrients to help strengthen the hair roots. Especially protein and complex carbohydrates That contributes to the hair cells to grow well. Therefore, it is not uncommon to have hair loss problems easily with people who are losing weight. That is because the wrong way to lose weight, such as fasting, skipping meals each day. Limiting calorie intake too Some choose to eat the same food over and over. No food variety Which these practices cause the body to lack essential nutrients Including essential nutrients for hair Experts revealed the relationship between weight loss and hair loss problem.

              Moreover, many people are so committed to losing weight that they become stressed without knowing themselves. Some are concerned about food choices in hopes of losing weight quickly. And that both stress and anxiety are another factor that can cause hair loss as well. So what should I do? If you want to be thin but afraid of hair loss, thin hair … don’t need to choose Because we can have a good figure together With good hair health, just follow MEGA We care   tips to lose weight without fear of hair loss.

               Want to reduce the style without fear of hair loss, can easily be done Just choose to eat food that does not cause fat. By choosing foods that are beneficial More importantly, do not starve and do not eat just one type of food. Should be eaten in a variety of calories that are appropriate for your daily needs. Only this will give the body enough nutrients. Quality weight loss goals. Plus, it helps nourish your hair to be healthy, not dry, damaged or shed. What foods should people want to lose weight should choose to eat? And need to practice examples Follow along to see together

       7 weight loss tricks Do not be afraid of hair loss.

Complete with breakfast           Breakfast is the most important It is a meal that helps the body have enough energy for doing various activities each day. And good effect on hair health Because after waking up in the morning, the body needs physical energy to use in building hair cells. It is advisable to choose a quality breakfast that is full of nutrients or a complete group that would be great. Eat enough           protein because protein is the main structure of your hair. Provides good growth and thicker hair. Therefore, to reduce obesity is good. Choose to eat protein foods that are low in fat. In the amount of calories that the body should have Foods that provide quality protein such as chicken breast, fish, egg whites, nuts, quinoa, tofu and avocado etc. Drink more water than usual.

          During the diet and exercise. The body becomes dehydrated more easily. Therefore should drink more water than usual If the body is dehydrated In addition to adversely affecting your health Also results in dry scalp Affect the hair growth The way to observe when the body is dehydrated is dry mouth, dry skin, dry scalp. Choose a group of complex carbohydrates.          Another known source of carbohydrates is starch. And eating a lot of starch Will cause the accumulation of sugar and turn into more fat That is the cause of obesity. But choosing to eat properly is Choose complex carbohydrates It helps to reduce appetite and provide fiber. Helps to fill the stomach and help the digestive system as well, such as whole wheat bread, crackers, cereal, whole grain, such as brown rice, hands, oats, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, apples, bananas, etc. Choose to eat good fats.

          Trying to lose weight by dieting will make you feel hungry. And when the body cannot stand it, it will return to eat more. In the end, the diet will fail. We can eat foods that are low in fat. The fat sources you can eat are good fats such as olive oil, coconut oil. Avocado oil or peanut butter is sufficient for fruits and vegetables.          Of course, we should choose to eat fruits and vegetables that are not too high in sugar. But not wanting to lack vitamins and minerals Choose to eat such a variety.          – Fruits that are rich in vitamin C Because vitamin C will help strengthen collagen in the hair. Makes hair grow quickly, such as orange, guava, kiwi, ripe papaya.

         – Green leafy vegetables, a source of iron Because iron is another one that helps with good hair growth. The body should be adequately And when we limit the consumption of meat such as red meat Which is the source of that iron The right choice to lose weight is choosing a lot of vegetables. Especially vegetables that are green

       Exercise properly
          Many people mistakenly think that vigorous exercise can help reduce obesity. But in fact, it’s not good for your health. But proper exercise is a type of exercise Weight training, coupled with cardio (such as walking or jogging Cycling Including swimming) for at least 3-4 days a week, just this will make losing weight with exercise is not difficult at all, plus give healthy results as well.

       Hair loss problems caused by weight loss Will go away with getting in good shape
             This can be solved by replenishing the lack of nutrients to meet the needs of the body and hair. There are also other reasons. That causes very unusual hair loss while losing weight, such as stress, anxiety that arises during weight loss. Therefore, in order not to lose weight as a cause of hair loss. Should eat a balanced diet. Control your emotional state, do not stress, worry about losing too much weight. Along with regular exercise, do not overdo it. So that your body does not stress, does not lose hair and get the shape that you want. With concern from Regenez_Mega We care.