When immunity is not always associated with age

     At this point, many people may be starting to wonder, is it? Why doctors and specialists from around the world emphasize the importance of strengthening our immune system. And then wondering what would happen to the body if the immune system worsened? And how do we have a way to restore the immune system to be healthy? MEGA We care has this interesting health information to tell each other. In order to keep good health with you for a long time What happens to the body if the immune system goes down?

          One of the most important and abundant immune cells is white blood cells. Acting like a surveillance soldier checking out And trap foreign bodies or viruses that will enter the body Including removing foreign substances that are harmful to those bodies When the immune system is compromised, it is effective in removing foreign matter. Or decreased germs Or it can take longer to get rid of harmful germs. 

Which increases the chance for foreign bodies or pathogens to injure cells Including the response against It is the cause of various symptoms that follow The severity depends on the immune level of the individual in response to an incoming foreign body or pathogen.  

Young age means that the immune system is still healthy … really?

          Stanford University’s latest research work Has revealed some interesting information about the immune system that Aging contributes to a worsening immune system. Which corresponds to the risk of death from illness This means that the older you get, the more fragile your body is. Due to reduced hormone levels And the cells in the body that deteriorate with age Along with having underlying diseases Such as coronary heart disease, fat, high blood pressure, or diabetes can easily increase the risk of various infections, making the disease resistant potential lower than it should be. In addition, a decline in immunity with age can also slow down the recovery time of the body after exposure. This is the reason why statistics of epidemic deaths. Or from illness Are mostly elderly But even at a young age Are young people in school age Or working age, there is a chance that the immune level will be reduced

          It is true that increasing age affects the worsening of the immune system in the body. But it may not always be the case. 

There are many elderly people who care about their health and take good care of themselves. Causing the body to not deteriorate As a result, the immune system is still working properly. Wrong with many young people, even though they are in better physical condition Outside looks strong But the truth is, there can be a weakened immune system without knowing it. 

Due to lifestyle patterns and behaviors such as staying up late and not getting enough rest Neglect exercise Have accumulated stress Eat spicy food Eat food that is unhealthy Eating a diet that does not have a variety of nutrients that are not enough to meet the physical needs of the body, etc. It   ‘s time to “Boost immunity”.

          Knowing that the weakened immune system can have a negative effect on the body. And increase the risk of various infections We should therefore study how to restore the immune system to be healthy. 

Ready to deal with the epidemic Or disease that may occur in the future, which “How to Boost Immunity” by itself is as follows. Weight control.     Overweight indulgence affects the immune system. And it was associated with the development of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, asthma and other respiratory diseases. 

Therefore, foods that are high in fat should be avoided. Foods with high sugar, spicy food and fermented foods. Then turned to eating a variety of food With an emphasis on eating vegetables More fruit Because it contains antioxidants that make white blood cells work better And it can also reduce the indicators of inflammation in the body as well. Keep exercising

          Exercise helps the cells. Of the body is stronger and works better Including white blood cells And can also help increase the number of white blood cells In addition.

exercise can also help boost your immune system through the production of endorphins. Therefore, it is best to exercise at least 30 minutes at a time, 5 days a week, but for the elderly, it is recommended to add additional balance exercise. Because it will help train the body to control various organs to work better together And also to help exercise your muscles, joints and mindfulness at the same time Treat the body by getting enough sleep

          Getting enough sleep It is the thing that will help restore the body’s immune system the best. Experts around the world therefore recommend that people get at least 8 hours of good sleep a day. Do not sleep deprivation or stay up late, as insufficient sleep can affect the building blocks of the immune system. From research results on sleep abroad Found that white blood cells will work better while sleeping. Frequent sleep deprivation Therefore having the effect of weakening the immune system Have a chance to get sick easily Including increasing the risk of many diseases such as dementia, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc., relieve stress.

          Did you know …. ‘Stress’ is the beginning of the degeneration that hurts many systems. Inside the body, serious people with accumulated stress.

 Have frequent negative thoughts Have anxiety Or people with depression Will increase the secretion of stress hormones.  Also known as Too much cortisol hormone, this hormone has the effect of suppressing the body’s immune system. Makes immunity against various diseases reduced. Therefore vulnerable to infection easily Therefore, you should not let yourself stress. Clears the mind When the mind is clear, the brain orders more white blood cells to work. Stimulate the immune system to be stronger as well Good immunity with essential nutrients

          In addition to eating all five food groups should be supplemented with foods that help strengthen the immune system. For a vitamin that is popular and widely accepted to help strengthen your immune system is “Vitamin C”, which has excellent properties for strengthening your immune system. Because it enhances the strength of white blood cells Thus allowing white blood cells to get rid of various pathogens that enter the body more efficiently.

          Vitamin C is one of the most essential vitamins for the body. But because the human body is unable to create this kind of vitamin by itself. 

Must be obtained by eating only And with today’s fast-paced lifestyle, many people are at risk of vitamin C deficiency. Or the body is weak from daily life that causes the immune system to not work properly. 

Especially in the elderly, young children and people who lack health care Even during the encounter with this epidemic. If you want the body to get complete and adequate vitamin C Choose a dietary supplement that focuses mainly on active substances and vitamin C content. 

Especially vitamin C, a natural formula that provides vitamin C up to 1,000 milligrams, eating 1,000-2,000 milligrams per day continuously. Helps the body to be healthy, not easy to get sick.
          In this age, there are many epidemics that can harm the health of a person at any time. Whether it is a seasonal epidemic Including emerging diseases that occur It is for this reason that we all have to prepare our bodies to cope. Always take care of your health.