Heatstroke, a disease accompanying summer activities

Have no way to escape the hot weather, so the best way to escape from the heat is to enjoy the summer as much as possible. With a vacation, escaping to the sea for 1-2 nights Or find a beach that has enough waves to make surfing even more fun.  In some beaches there is a party To keep the heat out as well. Caution is Don’t just enjoy the activities. In the heat Until it may cause you to be “heat stroke” without knowing it.

Heat stroke or Heat Stroke is an illness caused by extreme heat. 

Until the body is unable to adapt Or control the heat level within the body Which usually The human body has a mechanism to maintain temperature balance between body heat and the environment. The temperature fluctuates between 36 and 37.5 degrees Celsius throughout the day, so sweat draining is an important mechanism for reducing excessive heat. This heat stroke cause by the failure to maintain a constant body temperature. (thermoregulation) results in higher than normal body temperature

As the name suggests, it is already a fainting caused by the sun.

 Heatstroke is most common in people who work or spend a lot of time outdoors.

such as playing sports, military training, or even long swimming, surfing, or tanning sessions, so heat stroke is best avoided. That is, it should not be outdoors for too long. Wear clothes that wick away sweat. Don’t drink alcoholic beverages And should drink a lot of water If so, drink 1 liter of water per hour to make up for the amount of water lost by sweat. And to maintain the internal body temperature in the body.

Symptoms of people with heat stroke Observed from the onset of fatigue Nausea, vomiting, overheating, headache, no sweating. Rapid pulse And blood pressure drop If encountering a person suffering from heat stroke First aid should be given to drinking cold water and wiping body with cold water. Keep in good ventilation If the symptoms are severe and unconscious, they should be taken to hospital immediately

don’t think that heat stroke will have a mild symptom like fainting that just sniffed the salts away. Because in the case of sunstroke Patients can have many complications. It depends on the duration of symptoms. 

If help is delayed It can cause damage to the brain or other vital organs of the body such as kidney or heart attack. Until it can cause permanent damage Or it can cause life-threatening