Menstruation period The body will be a little weak.

1. Do not overdo the physical condition

Menstruation period A woman’s body may be weak from blood loss. Therefore, you may choose to do light exercise first, each woman has different physical conditions. Menstruation period Some people lose a lot of blood. Or a lot of stomach pain.

2.  You must first consider your own physical condition that Are you ready to exercise? Although there are no.

3. Avoid swimming.

Swimming during menstruation can have a bad effect on your body. Because during your weak body Waterborne pathogens can cause you to develop uterine infections. Therefore, it is advisable to refrain from going first. And choose to exercise by other methods instead of going first

4. Wear a sanitary pad at night if you are into yoga. Yoga can be played even during menstruation.

5. I don’t starve.

Many people want to exercise to lose weight. Therefore try to fast Which is the wrong way Not only during menstruation You should always eat a reasonable amount of food. By choosing foods that are beneficial And give you not a lot of calories instead Dieting will leave you with no energy to exercise. Even with menstruation The more bad it is.

In addition to exercise during menstruation is not a contraindication. It is also useful in balancing hormones in the body. Reduce irritability or menstrual pain as well. Knowing this way, women probably don’t have to stop exercising during their menstruation any more.

For people who like yoga Please be warned that you should also choose a protective night pad as well. Because it’s probably not good If you have menstrual blood, wear pants or a yoga mat while you are stretching. (This event, sanitary pads for the night can help you a lot) and for those who cannot May avoid doing hot yoga first

contraindications to exercise during menstruation, but women will know your own body best

2. Choose light exercise

Menstruation period We should choose light exercise. (Unless you are very strong) We recommend this sport.

  • Running or walking fast
  • yoga
  • Cycling
  • Do light aerobics.

• should not exercise during menstruation. Causing the menstrual period to stop being physically fit until the discontinuity Which this belief is a mistake! Even during menstruation, we will feel bored and exhausted. Some people experience stomach ache, upset, or many other symptoms, but exercising right during menstruation has more benefits than harm.Happy Mom.Life offers some tips when you want to exercise during your period.