Dangers of Dieting

When it comes to losing weight , many young people are starting to cut starches from their diet. Ready to refrain from fried potatoes and fasting at some meals instead of wanting to lose weight faster. But do you know that doing that If done too much ? Will cause more negative effects on the body than good What disadvantages are there? Let’s go see it together.

1. Make a Fainting
Fasting causes blood sugar levels to drop rapidly. As a result, the body can’t keep the balance in the blood. Thus causing dizziness And easily followed by the wind

2. Eat twice the next meal.
When fasting for a particular meal Will make us eat twice as many the next meal Which eats no matter how much you feel full Plus there is always a hunger pause

3. Make the metabolism deteriorate
during the early days of fasting weight loss. But after a while The body will adjust by using less energy. Makes burning less energy as well. And when we return to normal food But the body still burns less energy as before. Would inevitably cause the weight to quickly return again Also known as “Yo-Yo Effect” there

4. Frustrated, upset and stressed all the time.
When the body doesn’t get enough starch and sugar, it can cause mood swings. Easily irritated and stressed This is because carbohydrate is important for the production of serotonin, which helps maintain mood balance. So try to switch from starvation. It is better to eat a healthy diet that fits your body needs.

5. Slow brain is not clear
Especially fasting breakfast, which is the most important meal. Will result in brain lethargy, slow processing, rarely thinking

6. Soft muscles are not strong
because when we starve, the body will not have energy from carbohydrates. The body will pull protein in the muscles to use as energy instead. Soften the muscles Not that strong

7. Make your skin dry Lack of moisture
Skipping starchy, sugar and fat foods can cause skin problems such as dry, dehydrated skin. The skin around the nails is dry, easily torn, and the mouth is dry, so you should eat some of these foods. No, don’t eat at all Especially eating foods that contain good fats This will help maintain healthy skin and nails without causing obesity.

8. Have constipation
Because starch will cause the body to lack fiber. Causing the digestive system to have problems Therefore, it is important to focus on eating flour that comes from whole grains, Whole wheat bread or brown rice Riceberry rice is also available.

9. I have a forgetfulness and forgetfulness
when starving will result in a lack of glucose that is the body that is stimulated Causing the symptoms to be delusional and forgetful

10. The body gets tired easily.
When starchy starches, the muscles lack glucose to help work. Makes the body tired And easily exhaustion

When seeing the disadvantages of starving and starving like this, all girls who want to lose weight should choose to eat all 5 food groups with exercise as well. Even though this method will see results a little bit later But it is absolutely safe and will not hurt your body.