For most people, it is difficult to force yourself not to eat sweets or desserts

For most people, it is difficult to force yourself not to eat sweets or desserts . Will not stop craving for it again Want more of it every time we see it and it’s banned, but what level are we “sweet addicted”?

1. Symptoms of wanting to eat sweets all the time

Especially after lunch The type that has finished the main meal once and has not yet arrived. The dessert menu has already popped into my head.

2. When you feel bad What is the solution? Sweet

At this point, I must say that “Sugar is the brain’s food” and the delicious feeling of sweetness. Makes us overcome all frustrations Tell me, we’re really addicted to it.

3.Eat a lot of sweets all the time

Other people can eat, kiss, and kiss enough, but we have to work hard.

4. The dessert menu is always in the head.

30% of the conversations in the gang become a cake menu. or dessert all the time. How much are we addicted to dessert?

5. Looks good until the heart.

Each dessert menu is always carefully crafted to have a beautiful appearance. The type that he saw and wanted to charge In addition to having a beautiful face, the different sweet flavors make it addictive.

6. I don’t like dessert, but the atmosphere is okay.

The joy of eating sweets Maybe not from the menu you always eat, but eating with the gang of friends who have joined together, even if it’s a cute cake shop. Cozy atmosphere Eating along with conversation will be even tastier.

7. Hormones change frequently.

Usually, women, estrogen regulates the production of fat in the body. Not lower than approximately 23%, which the mean is about 5% higher than men, to be conceived with the pregnancy. Therefore, at the close of menstruation, women have an increase in estrogen, which causes a craving for sweets.