Body Type Body in various forms

 Many people have wondered if Do not eat this person and not get fat. Why do we only eat this? Why is this person so good in shape even though I rarely exercise? Today we have information about people in different shapes or body types to leave FitSchool people 
by genetics. According to international theory Given that there are 3 main types of body structure: Ectomorph, Endomorph, Mesomorph, and in this article, let’s see how each one is different.

1. Slim shape, Ectomorph

– Characteristics of a person with this type of body appear long arms, long legs, narrow shoulders, small hips, small bones and joints Including the musculature that looks slender Have a small percentage of body fat And has a good metabolism (Metabolism) makes the body burn energy very quickly and well. People with this type Weight training with Heavy Weights & Low Reps is preferable to use with a lot of weights, but with a small number of reps. In order to not increase the metabolism to higher. The food you eat should focus on High amounts of carbohydrates followed by protein and fat.Be careful about intense aerobic exercise, such as running or boxing, for example.Giving cardio 2-3 times a week is enough.

2. Fat body shape endomorph (Endomorph)

– Characteristics of this group of people will look round body, round face, neck, short limbs, large size, soft body due to the large percentage of body fat. It has a low metabolism (Metabolism), so the body is slow to burn energy. Weight training suitable for this type of people should do High Sets & High Reps is medium weight training. The number of times and the number of sets Little break between sets Along with daily cardio sessions In order to help in the metabolic system better. About eating Avoid foods that are fat and high in energy. Focus on protein, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. Be careful about exercises where vertical jumps, such as running and jumping rope, can affect joints, as people in this group have a lot of weight. Less muscle volume than fat Causing muscle insufficient impact between joints

3. Mesomorph

– This group will be a shape group that many people dream of. This group of people will have large bones, large muscle, and strong overall structure. Ideal figure for athletes, this group can easily gain or lose weight. Easy to build muscle Due to having a healthy body Able to perform many forms of weight training Can use a lot of weight And a huge number of times The waste of this group is Accumulate fat more easily than people in the ectomorph group have to be careful about foods that are high in energy. Should use weight training and cardio together
Let’s see what kind of body we are. What kind of exercise should be suitable for us? Hopefully this information will help fans FitSchool have the choice to shape up here