Risk Behaviors Causing Weight Training Injuries

 Weight training is a resistance exercise, whether it’s your body weight. Or weighting by equipment To increase muscle strength and size Which is the use of muscles for exertion Resulting in the possibility of injury that is always present. Today we look at the risk behavior that What will cause that injury What can be caused by.

1. Forbearing beyond one’s own strength

Each person’s muscles are not the same strength. The first thing to think about It is important to know your own strength first. Therefore, it should be practiced by Gradually climb from light before chasing heavy, without lifting or playing too hard. And forcing too much to be able to play This will cause very high muscle injuries and tears.

2. Lack of warm-up (warm-up)

Warm-up or warm-up It is something that everyone should do before any kind of exercise. To prepare the body to be ready to move Be active in exercise This will both increase the body temperature to keep the body warm. And including building joint flexibility Various tendons as well To prevent injuries that will occur while exercising that body grip.

3. Practice in the wrong form.

Training in incorrect form Or perhaps a slight change in the degrees of the practice may result in immediate injury. By doing this in violation of the nature of the human body, the tendons can be injured. Or including bones It can be broken as well.

4. Not enough rest

Lean rest can lead to fatigue, resulting in no training. Thus causing the possibility of injury easily Or including the practice of repeating the same muscle every day Until the muscles are continuously used hard And no time to recover Can also cause injuries

5. Use damaged equipment

It is very important to check training equipment. Should check the fullness And the strength of the equipment That it works fine or not Or support how much weight to play To prevent accidents which can lead to personal injury in use.
From the risks mentioned above, it is evident that injuries can happen over time. We should always be careful and avoid risky behaviors that cause injury. If you are not confident in playing, you should ask someone who has knowledge. Or find an experienced trainer To provide correct knowledge and put into practice to minimize the chance of injury. And play it safe enough