Let’s exercise the hip muscles !!!

 Gluteus Maximus is one of the muscles in the hip area. And is one of the largest muscle groups in the human body. Most people think that the glutes are the only part, like the buttocks. In fact, the hip muscle consists of three muscles: the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus. hip It is the largest of these 3 muscles and supports the other two.

In a group of people who exercise regularly, hip muscles are quite strong. Because it is required to support the bone under the ray (The innermost spine or sacrum) and the femur (femur), middle and lower part of the body, which are attached to the hip muscles. The hip muscle groups help to lift weights and bend down to sit, push up stairs, jump, and balance the lower body. To build lower body strength Therefore, the hip muscles should be exercised along with the rest, such as the thighs (Quadriceps) and calves.

What functions do the glutes (glutes) muscles do?

The main function of the hip muscles is the strengthening of the pelvis and the extension and rotation of the hip. It also helps to stretch the knees. By lifting the Iliotibial Band, it helps to lift up and lower down on the floor, supporting the spine in an upright standing. And reduce pressure on the lower back Which has strong hip muscles useful as follows.

1. Helps in running and strenuous activities and lifting
Such as walking up the hill Or normal walking It requires strength of the hip muscles. Including jumping and running.

2. It helps to support the pelvis and hips. In balancing the body when more force and weight are transferred from the lower leg muscles to the upper body. Strong hip muscles will help prevent injury and improve exercise performance.

3. Support the back muscles Among patients with low back pain Many experts have recommended strengthening the hip muscles. To help improve personality and transfer pressure from the back muscles.

4. Stabilize the femur (Femur and thighbone) The thigh bone is connected to the hip socket with the hip muscle as a support. In addition, the hip muscles help to rotate the thigh bone. Both in and out Including forward and back too.

Common injury to the hip muscles

– The hip muscle is one of the muscles that are often not exercised correctly. If exercising other leg muscles, such as the front leg muscles Then use the hip muscles to get too much weight May cause imbalance or lack of pain All leg muscles are at risk of being overloaded with repetitive exercises. May cause injury Or overtrain (Overtrain) due to insufficient rest or stretch between sets during exercise. On the other hand Hip muscles may not be strong because there is not enough exercise, such as sitting at a desk for hours a day and less body movement