Exercises and stretching the hip muscles

– Exercising the hip muscles in the following poses. You can focus on a number of reps. (for example, 10-20 per set, depending on your strength) or circuit or circuit training (45-60 seconds of each exercise with 15 seconds of rest) for beginners. Perform 2 sets or complete 2 rounds. For experienced players, perform 3-4 sets of sets or complete 3-4 rounds. During round, rest for 1-2 minutes and to build balanced and avoided muscles. Avoid overloading your muscles. Get enough rest throughout the week and add exercise to your core, back, and upper body.


Squats for Barbell, or Add 1.Weighted
2. lunges
3. Romanian Deadlifts,
4.-Ups the Step Example
5. Sprints
6. Glute Bridges is
7. with Yoga Postures

After exercise, then the hips. To stretch the lower body for 5-15 minutes can be used as follows.

1. Forward Fold
– Stand straight and lean forward so that your fingertips touch the toes. Hold for 15-30 seconds.

2. Foam Rolling

– If there is pain in the muscles of the buttocks (The side effect is pain in the hip area.) Use a foam roller to roll the back of the hip with both legs crossed. Roll the foam back and forth to the back of the hip with light pressure. Approximately 30 seconds each time

3.Cross-legged gluteal stretch

– Stand straight with the knees bent on one side. And put it on the other leg With the ankle next to the knee of the other leg Move your hips back like squats and extend your arms forward to create balance. The standing leg should descend almost parallel to the floor. The crossed knee should be in a bent position. By bending out to the side to help stretch the muscles of the hip area

4. Hip flexor “crescent” lunge

– kneeling on one knee And the other knee is bent forward and the front leg is parallel to the floor. Raise your arms above your head in a straight line from your head. Spine and pelvis And switch by trying to push the leg back up in a straight line And let your hand rest near the foot of the front leg Do alternately By doing and holding each position for about 10 seconds

Precautions for exercising the hip muscles

– One thing to be aware of while doing hip exercises is that you should not force the glutes while doing bridges, bridges, or any other posture, as this will negatively impact the lower back and the Sacroiliac Joints. Fully develop the hip muscles So it may start by tightening the buttocks first (Before starting to exercise in various positions) to use the muscles at the correct point. And relax the contraction when exercising in other positions.

 The spine should be straight. The core of the body is in use. And contract the hips as much as possible while doing yoga or other exercises. Hips should not turn out too far. In building equal strength across the body Exercise that involves the muscles of the front of the thigh should be added. Muscles of the legs, back, calves, and core of the body In addition, the number of reps per set can be increased. Or keep increasing weight To strengthen the leg muscles Which must be confident that it is not overdoing.