What is the difference between free weight and machine?

  For those who begin to exercise with weight training Must have heard that Equipment in the weight training It can be divided into two categories. Both free weights And machines We will take a look at the differences between the two. Including the advantages of each of how
free weights (Free weight) refers to the equipment to play weight training. that we can move. 

Freely controlling the angles against gravity Whether it is a device such as a dumbbell, barbell, Kettle Bell, etc. By the principles of playing with this kind of equipment. Will rely on controlling the angle and direction of playing on our own. What part of the muscle to play Must exert pressure or pull at what angle degree? So that the force hits The focus is on the muscles that we set.

Advantages of the free weight equipment

Due to the free weight equipment It’s playing in a free direction. So we have to use many muscles. In addition to the main muscles in the play. Secondary muscle bundle And the joints come together to work on the movement, steering the barbell / dumbbell into the right plane for the proper focus of the pose. 

Resulting in many muscles and joints to exercise Support the direction of play resulting in the development of strength together. As for the disadvantages for playing this type of free weight equipment. Most will happen to newbies Or those who are new to weight training Allowing to focus on different angles of the muscles and force the direction to play is not correct.

To be a separate play for each muscle group.

 For example, the flank / dorsal player has a Lat Pull down / Machine Row machine, a chest press machine, a Chest Press / Pec Deck Fly machine, etc. Each machine. Will be quite limited in the angle of playing it already Whether the angle of pushing or pulling the seat in the sitting That has been set for easy play We just arrange the height of the cushion to match our construction. And exert yourself to play in the direction that the machine has already placed. We will be able to focus on those muscles without worrying about the correct performance or not. Because the machine has locked various angles for us correctly.

Advantages of machine tools

For the advantages of the machine It will be easy for a beginner. Those who started training weight training Use the machine to isolate the muscles that want to play in isolation well, easy to train the movement. Just exert resistance from a machine that has locked everything in the angle. 

However, in addition to being suitable for beginners Also suitable for people who are already well versed in weight training We add playing with the machine to the training schedule. This makes the muscles that we want to play better as well.

Finally, whether free weights and machines can develop our muscles. If played correctly and properly Both types can be combined to play well. An example is for the Compound pose, a core exercise to strengthen the muscles that perform multiple joint exercises in that position. We probably focus mainly on playing with free weights, such as the squat / dead lift, which is the king move for large muscles. And then we added a specific part of play with the isolation from the machine. For example, on the day of the thigh muscles we use Leg Extension machine to play the muscles of the front thighs, etc.