Muscle Memory

 Returning to weight training is easier than playing the first time. And the body recovers faster What are those reasons? Let’s try to find an answer.

If we are already lifting weights When we stopped playing for a while And come back to play Notice that we will be able to return to lift heavier than before Muscles recover faster Muscle faster And feel stronger than playing the first time It’s not about any tricks. We call this scientifically proven thing “Muscle memory”, or Muscle Memory, that neurological explanation may explain how to lift heavier. But still can’t explain the bigger muscle size That muscle may have something to remember. Or is there something that affects them We can find the answer in this article.

Muscle cells are things that grow on their own.

– The answer about the puzzle of muscle recognition is their own cells. Muscle cells are large and have many nuclei. When we add resistance to the muscle, it is equal to adding the nucleus to the muscle. Which results in muscle growth In fact, the amount of energy in the muscles is an important factor in controlling the size of the muscle.

The muscle training makes muscles grow. When we stop playing What will happen? We know that the surplus is the opposite, shrink and shrink, but what is the physiological truth? This answer describes the muscle recognition, how it works, the
physiology of “muscle memory”.

– The belief that it is believed that for a long time If we stop training The muscle nuclei formed during training vanish. Causing that size and strength to decrease This belief is a mistake. Reverse Stopping the training will not make your muscles any smaller or weaker.There is evidence to suggest that the regenerating nucleus never disappears. 

It permanently changes the body of the muscles due to.

1. The intense training of the muscles and the increased nucleus formation in the first place In addition to training Eating the right foods helps your muscles grow as well.
2. When we stop training and muscle atrophy down. Longer stop training May actually make muscles smaller But the nucleus in the muscle is definitely not gone.
3. When it comes back to playing after a long pause. Muscles grow faster because they don’t need to form new nuclei. It is therefore able to synthesize protein and build muscle immediately.

This is why it is easier to come back than train for the first time. It’s about “Remembering the muscles” there.

Remembering that muscle is the best.

– Exercise now will affect our lives forever. In fact, scientists believe that adding the nucleus to a muscle at a very young age is very helpful. Because it helps build muscles And prevent the loss of muscle at the same time The muscle loss that occurs with age is not inevitable
They stopped the train for two weeks to make the smaller muscles. But keep in mind that just a little bit of time will not affect you. Although life has things that prevent us from exercising for weeks or even months. It is very easy when we come back to play again. Of course, we will do better than the first play. And even if we only have a day to play, two days a week, it still keeps our muscles. In the end, regular exercise And eating nutrition that is good for the body Not overly stressful, it makes the body healthy and can stand up.