Which cardio is aerobic exercise

 Many people who turn to exercise probably have heard the word cardio enough. Which cardio is aerobic exercise By using exercise that does not focus on muscle exertion Instead, the focus is on the movement of the body so that the heart rate rises at a heart rate level of 60% or more of the maximum heart rate. Today we are going to present an example of how to do cardio.

1. Walk

Whether walking in public Or walk on a treadmill Is a movement that can be easily performed No need to use any equipment to help Which is considered easy and convenient cardio that can be done of all ages. Or someone will increase their intensity by walking slopes on the treadmill Or walk up and down the stairs to stay at home as well.

2. Cycling

Cycling is a cardio method that most people are familiar with and do before. And also suitable for people who have a lot of weight Because it is safe for joints Reduces pressure from body weight to the knee or ankle well to prevent possible injury.

3. Swimming

Swimming is an exercise in which the body uses most of the movement. Along with controlling the breath Which can be considered a very good cardio Because it is safe and suitable for people suffering from injury problems Because swimming will reduce the work of muscles. Pressing the weights along the joints Because it uses water to support the body itself.

4. Running

It’s a cardio exercise. By increasing the level of speed more from walking Whether jogging Run fast, switch slowly Which is suitable for people who are physically fit Through exercise to a certain extent And also need to be careful of injuries from the impact of the foot rest while running.

5. dance

Is another activity Of cardio that uses genres and creativity to accompany gestures to the rhythm of the music In addition to the body that has moved It also helps to relax and reduce the fatigue as well. This activity can be done as a group or as a single course, most of which can be found in a fitness facility or at a reception area. Various public places onwards Today there are aerobic, zumba, and various fitness classes. Or various dance schools as well.

6. Playing sports

Is another activity that is diverse Have fun It is classified as a sports game. There are both single and group sports, each with different physical movements. The intensity of cardio will vary as well.

Finally, there are many other cardio methods that you can choose to do as you like Each person’s convenience Which cardio also helps build the strength of the body and the heart muscle It also helps reduce fat deposits in the body as well. As the body uses more energy to move And if you want to get a good figure along the way It must be coupled with a good diet that is beneficial to produce better results.