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Menstruation period The body will be a little weak.

1. Do not overdo the physical condition

Menstruation period A woman’s body may be weak from blood loss. Therefore, you may choose to do light exercise first, each woman has different physical conditions. Menstruation period Some people lose a lot of blood. Or a lot of stomach pain.

2.  You must first consider your own physical condition that Are you ready to exercise? Although there are no.

3. Avoid swimming.

Swimming during menstruation can have a bad effect on your body. Because during your weak body Waterborne pathogens can cause you to develop uterine infections. Therefore, it is advisable to refrain from going first. And choose to exercise by other methods instead of going first

4. Wear a sanitary pad at night if you are into yoga. Yoga can be played even during menstruation.

5. I don’t starve.

Many people want to exercise to lose weight. Therefore try to fast Which is the wrong way Not only during menstruation You should always eat a reasonable amount of food. By choosing foods that are beneficial And give you not a lot of calories instead Dieting will leave you with no energy to exercise. Even with menstruation The more bad it is.

In addition to exercise during menstruation is not a contraindication. It is also useful in balancing hormones in the body. Reduce irritability or menstrual pain as well. Knowing this way, women probably don’t have to stop exercising during their menstruation any more.

For people who like yoga Please be warned that you should also choose a protective night pad as well. Because it’s probably not good If you have menstrual blood, wear pants or a yoga mat while you are stretching. (This event, sanitary pads for the night can help you a lot) and for those who cannot May avoid doing hot yoga first

contraindications to exercise during menstruation, but women will know your own body best

2. Choose light exercise

Menstruation period We should choose light exercise. (Unless you are very strong) We recommend this sport.

  • Running or walking fast
  • yoga
  • Cycling
  • Do light aerobics.

• should not exercise during menstruation. Causing the menstrual period to stop being physically fit until the discontinuity Which this belief is a mistake! Even during menstruation, we will feel bored and exhausted. Some people experience stomach ache, upset, or many other symptoms, but exercising right during menstruation has more benefits than harm.Happy Mom.Life offers some tips when you want to exercise during your period.


Heatstroke, a disease accompanying summer activities

Have no way to escape the hot weather, so the best way to escape from the heat is to enjoy the summer as much as possible. With a vacation, escaping to the sea for 1-2 nights Or find a beach that has enough waves to make surfing even more fun.  In some beaches there is a party To keep the heat out as well. Caution is Don’t just enjoy the activities. In the heat Until it may cause you to be “heat stroke” without knowing it.

Heat stroke or Heat Stroke is an illness caused by extreme heat. 

Until the body is unable to adapt Or control the heat level within the body Which usually The human body has a mechanism to maintain temperature balance between body heat and the environment. The temperature fluctuates between 36 and 37.5 degrees Celsius throughout the day, so sweat draining is an important mechanism for reducing excessive heat. This heat stroke cause by the failure to maintain a constant body temperature. (thermoregulation) results in higher than normal body temperature

As the name suggests, it is already a fainting caused by the sun.

 Heatstroke is most common in people who work or spend a lot of time outdoors.

such as playing sports, military training, or even long swimming, surfing, or tanning sessions, so heat stroke is best avoided. That is, it should not be outdoors for too long. Wear clothes that wick away sweat. Don’t drink alcoholic beverages And should drink a lot of water If so, drink 1 liter of water per hour to make up for the amount of water lost by sweat. And to maintain the internal body temperature in the body.

Symptoms of people with heat stroke Observed from the onset of fatigue Nausea, vomiting, overheating, headache, no sweating. Rapid pulse And blood pressure drop If encountering a person suffering from heat stroke First aid should be given to drinking cold water and wiping body with cold water. Keep in good ventilation If the symptoms are severe and unconscious, they should be taken to hospital immediately

don’t think that heat stroke will have a mild symptom like fainting that just sniffed the salts away. Because in the case of sunstroke Patients can have many complications. It depends on the duration of symptoms. 

If help is delayed It can cause damage to the brain or other vital organs of the body such as kidney or heart attack. Until it can cause permanent damage Or it can cause life-threatening


When immunity is not always associated with age

     At this point, many people may be starting to wonder, is it? Why doctors and specialists from around the world emphasize the importance of strengthening our immune system. And then wondering what would happen to the body if the immune system worsened? And how do we have a way to restore the immune system to be healthy? MEGA We care has this interesting health information to tell each other. In order to keep good health with you for a long time What happens to the body if the immune system goes down?

          One of the most important and abundant immune cells is white blood cells. Acting like a surveillance soldier checking out And trap foreign bodies or viruses that will enter the body Including removing foreign substances that are harmful to those bodies When the immune system is compromised, it is effective in removing foreign matter. Or decreased germs Or it can take longer to get rid of harmful germs. 

Which increases the chance for foreign bodies or pathogens to injure cells Including the response against It is the cause of various symptoms that follow The severity depends on the immune level of the individual in response to an incoming foreign body or pathogen.  

Young age means that the immune system is still healthy … really?

          Stanford University’s latest research work Has revealed some interesting information about the immune system that Aging contributes to a worsening immune system. Which corresponds to the risk of death from illness This means that the older you get, the more fragile your body is. Due to reduced hormone levels And the cells in the body that deteriorate with age Along with having underlying diseases Such as coronary heart disease, fat, high blood pressure, or diabetes can easily increase the risk of various infections, making the disease resistant potential lower than it should be. In addition, a decline in immunity with age can also slow down the recovery time of the body after exposure. This is the reason why statistics of epidemic deaths. Or from illness Are mostly elderly But even at a young age Are young people in school age Or working age, there is a chance that the immune level will be reduced

          It is true that increasing age affects the worsening of the immune system in the body. But it may not always be the case. 

There are many elderly people who care about their health and take good care of themselves. Causing the body to not deteriorate As a result, the immune system is still working properly. Wrong with many young people, even though they are in better physical condition Outside looks strong But the truth is, there can be a weakened immune system without knowing it. 

Due to lifestyle patterns and behaviors such as staying up late and not getting enough rest Neglect exercise Have accumulated stress Eat spicy food Eat food that is unhealthy Eating a diet that does not have a variety of nutrients that are not enough to meet the physical needs of the body, etc. It   ‘s time to “Boost immunity”.

          Knowing that the weakened immune system can have a negative effect on the body. And increase the risk of various infections We should therefore study how to restore the immune system to be healthy. 

Ready to deal with the epidemic Or disease that may occur in the future, which “How to Boost Immunity” by itself is as follows. Weight control.     Overweight indulgence affects the immune system. And it was associated with the development of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, asthma and other respiratory diseases. 

Therefore, foods that are high in fat should be avoided. Foods with high sugar, spicy food and fermented foods. Then turned to eating a variety of food With an emphasis on eating vegetables More fruit Because it contains antioxidants that make white blood cells work better And it can also reduce the indicators of inflammation in the body as well. Keep exercising

          Exercise helps the cells. Of the body is stronger and works better Including white blood cells And can also help increase the number of white blood cells In addition.

exercise can also help boost your immune system through the production of endorphins. Therefore, it is best to exercise at least 30 minutes at a time, 5 days a week, but for the elderly, it is recommended to add additional balance exercise. Because it will help train the body to control various organs to work better together And also to help exercise your muscles, joints and mindfulness at the same time Treat the body by getting enough sleep

          Getting enough sleep It is the thing that will help restore the body’s immune system the best. Experts around the world therefore recommend that people get at least 8 hours of good sleep a day. Do not sleep deprivation or stay up late, as insufficient sleep can affect the building blocks of the immune system. From research results on sleep abroad Found that white blood cells will work better while sleeping. Frequent sleep deprivation Therefore having the effect of weakening the immune system Have a chance to get sick easily Including increasing the risk of many diseases such as dementia, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc., relieve stress.

          Did you know …. ‘Stress’ is the beginning of the degeneration that hurts many systems. Inside the body, serious people with accumulated stress.

 Have frequent negative thoughts Have anxiety Or people with depression Will increase the secretion of stress hormones.  Also known as Too much cortisol hormone, this hormone has the effect of suppressing the body’s immune system. Makes immunity against various diseases reduced. Therefore vulnerable to infection easily Therefore, you should not let yourself stress. Clears the mind When the mind is clear, the brain orders more white blood cells to work. Stimulate the immune system to be stronger as well Good immunity with essential nutrients

          In addition to eating all five food groups should be supplemented with foods that help strengthen the immune system. For a vitamin that is popular and widely accepted to help strengthen your immune system is “Vitamin C”, which has excellent properties for strengthening your immune system. Because it enhances the strength of white blood cells Thus allowing white blood cells to get rid of various pathogens that enter the body more efficiently.

          Vitamin C is one of the most essential vitamins for the body. But because the human body is unable to create this kind of vitamin by itself. 

Must be obtained by eating only And with today’s fast-paced lifestyle, many people are at risk of vitamin C deficiency. Or the body is weak from daily life that causes the immune system to not work properly. 

Especially in the elderly, young children and people who lack health care Even during the encounter with this epidemic. If you want the body to get complete and adequate vitamin C Choose a dietary supplement that focuses mainly on active substances and vitamin C content. 

Especially vitamin C, a natural formula that provides vitamin C up to 1,000 milligrams, eating 1,000-2,000 milligrams per day continuously. Helps the body to be healthy, not easy to get sick.
          In this age, there are many epidemics that can harm the health of a person at any time. Whether it is a seasonal epidemic Including emerging diseases that occur It is for this reason that we all have to prepare our bodies to cope. Always take care of your health. 


Lose weight the wrong way Cause of hair loss and thinning

     Many women want to have a slim body like an hourglass. The idea that leaner is equal to being in shape, many people choose to lose weight the wrong way. With fasting Instead of dieting And exercise The result is that the body is not getting enough nutrients it needs each day. Causing the body to become malnourished And may lead to various diseases Including hair loss as well   Why is weight loss effective for hair loss?               As mentioned above that ‘Malnutrition’

It is one of the reasons for hair loss. That’s because your hair needs enough vitamins and nutrients to help strengthen the hair roots. Especially protein and complex carbohydrates That contributes to the hair cells to grow well. Therefore, it is not uncommon to have hair loss problems easily with people who are losing weight. That is because the wrong way to lose weight, such as fasting, skipping meals each day. Limiting calorie intake too Some choose to eat the same food over and over. No food variety Which these practices cause the body to lack essential nutrients Including essential nutrients for hair Experts revealed the relationship between weight loss and hair loss problem.

              Moreover, many people are so committed to losing weight that they become stressed without knowing themselves. Some are concerned about food choices in hopes of losing weight quickly. And that both stress and anxiety are another factor that can cause hair loss as well. So what should I do? If you want to be thin but afraid of hair loss, thin hair … don’t need to choose Because we can have a good figure together With good hair health, just follow MEGA We care   tips to lose weight without fear of hair loss.

               Want to reduce the style without fear of hair loss, can easily be done Just choose to eat food that does not cause fat. By choosing foods that are beneficial More importantly, do not starve and do not eat just one type of food. Should be eaten in a variety of calories that are appropriate for your daily needs. Only this will give the body enough nutrients. Quality weight loss goals. Plus, it helps nourish your hair to be healthy, not dry, damaged or shed. What foods should people want to lose weight should choose to eat? And need to practice examples Follow along to see together

       7 weight loss tricks Do not be afraid of hair loss.

Complete with breakfast           Breakfast is the most important It is a meal that helps the body have enough energy for doing various activities each day. And good effect on hair health Because after waking up in the morning, the body needs physical energy to use in building hair cells. It is advisable to choose a quality breakfast that is full of nutrients or a complete group that would be great. Eat enough           protein because protein is the main structure of your hair. Provides good growth and thicker hair. Therefore, to reduce obesity is good. Choose to eat protein foods that are low in fat. In the amount of calories that the body should have Foods that provide quality protein such as chicken breast, fish, egg whites, nuts, quinoa, tofu and avocado etc. Drink more water than usual.

          During the diet and exercise. The body becomes dehydrated more easily. Therefore should drink more water than usual If the body is dehydrated In addition to adversely affecting your health Also results in dry scalp Affect the hair growth The way to observe when the body is dehydrated is dry mouth, dry skin, dry scalp. Choose a group of complex carbohydrates.          Another known source of carbohydrates is starch. And eating a lot of starch Will cause the accumulation of sugar and turn into more fat That is the cause of obesity. But choosing to eat properly is Choose complex carbohydrates It helps to reduce appetite and provide fiber. Helps to fill the stomach and help the digestive system as well, such as whole wheat bread, crackers, cereal, whole grain, such as brown rice, hands, oats, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, apples, bananas, etc. Choose to eat good fats.

          Trying to lose weight by dieting will make you feel hungry. And when the body cannot stand it, it will return to eat more. In the end, the diet will fail. We can eat foods that are low in fat. The fat sources you can eat are good fats such as olive oil, coconut oil. Avocado oil or peanut butter is sufficient for fruits and vegetables.          Of course, we should choose to eat fruits and vegetables that are not too high in sugar. But not wanting to lack vitamins and minerals Choose to eat such a variety.          – Fruits that are rich in vitamin C Because vitamin C will help strengthen collagen in the hair. Makes hair grow quickly, such as orange, guava, kiwi, ripe papaya.

         – Green leafy vegetables, a source of iron Because iron is another one that helps with good hair growth. The body should be adequately And when we limit the consumption of meat such as red meat Which is the source of that iron The right choice to lose weight is choosing a lot of vegetables. Especially vegetables that are green

       Exercise properly
          Many people mistakenly think that vigorous exercise can help reduce obesity. But in fact, it’s not good for your health. But proper exercise is a type of exercise Weight training, coupled with cardio (such as walking or jogging Cycling Including swimming) for at least 3-4 days a week, just this will make losing weight with exercise is not difficult at all, plus give healthy results as well.

       Hair loss problems caused by weight loss Will go away with getting in good shape
             This can be solved by replenishing the lack of nutrients to meet the needs of the body and hair. There are also other reasons. That causes very unusual hair loss while losing weight, such as stress, anxiety that arises during weight loss. Therefore, in order not to lose weight as a cause of hair loss. Should eat a balanced diet. Control your emotional state, do not stress, worry about losing too much weight. Along with regular exercise, do not overdo it. So that your body does not stress, does not lose hair and get the shape that you want. With concern from Regenez_Mega We care. 


Is eating too much meat at risk of “cancer” really?

While we are currently unable to determine the exact cause of cancer, we can identify factors that increase the risk of developing cancer , and one of the reasons many people may have heard of is ” meat “. Is it real meat? Or what kind of meat?

Meat increases the risk of cancer ?

Meat can actually increase your risk of cancer.The types of meat that may increase your risk of cancer are:

• Processed meats such as sausage, sausage, bacon, ham, etc., because they contain nitrites / nitrates, including salt, which can cause carcinogenic nitrosamines. Especially in order to cook food that has passed high heat, such as grilling, it will produce more carcinogens as well.

• Red meats such as beef, pork, large meats There is some possibility that it will cause cancer. But there is no clear evidence From some research, it was found that Red meat parts that are skin on, lean, and have undergone high heat for cooking, such as grilling, can contribute to cancer.

It’s important to understand that although these studies clearly link meat and poorer health, they do not prove a cause-and-effect relationship. On the other hand, the findings of many studies are consistent, strongly indicating that red meat consumption does contribute to chronic diseases.

Despite the uncertainties, it’s reasonable to moderate your meat intake and observe a few meat-free days per week. Although red meat may have nutritional value in the protein and iron content, alternative foods such as fish, poultry, beans, or legumes can provide similar benefits.

Other Foods That May Increase Cancer Risk

High energy foods (In small quantities), such as bread flour in hamburger pizza dough flour in various fried foods. Causing us to get a lot of saturated fat May put the risk of being overweight And it can lead to the risk of getting cancer as well. It also affects the reproductive function. Digestive system And other body systems as well

How to eat meat to be safe from cancer

• If you want to eat red meat Should not eat more than 500 grams per week or 70-75 grams per day or about 5 tablespoons of rice.

• You should not cook red meat at high heat, such as grilling, until it burns.

• Switch to red meat with other meats, such as fish, chicken, seafood, or other protein sources such as tofu.

• Eat red meat along with antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, such as berries, tomatoes, oranges, lemons, guava, carrots, ripe papaya, etc


Allergy to dust and how to deal with air Pollution

I cannot deny that Pollution in the air such as particulate matter or PM 2.5 dust increases every year, causing us to face many respiratory health problems. One of them is allergic to dust, especially with people in large cities. Industrial factory district Or areas filled with vehicle exhaust Taking care of yourself is so important that it may help alleviate symptoms and reduce your chances of developing serious illness in the future. 

Amid the dust crisis Either it is human dust or naturally occurring. Began to make many people worry about adjusting for example in this situation. Especially people with allergies or diseases of the respiratory system. Today, let’s look at how to protect and take care of yourself if you are faced with these terrible dust. Or if you have to take antihistamines, what kind.

How is a dust allergy?

Dust allergy is considered one of the most common allergies. It is the immune system’s response to dust or toxic dust present in the air. When we inhale the dust The body makes proteins called antibodies to fight the allergen. Resulting in inflammation of the nose or lungs With subsequent allergic reactions.

Dust allergies or PM 2.5 dust can happen to everyone. When encountered during a time when there is a lot of dust in the air, there will be dust allergy symptoms such as red eyes, watery eyes, itchy eyes or nose, stuffy nose, runny nose, cough, sneezing, difficulty breathing, Weed sound, itching, rash, etc.

Impact of dust and PM 2.5 dust

Typically, household dust is mixed with fibers that come from clothing, carpets, or bedding. Droppings of insects, especially cockroaches Pet dander Mold spores, dust mites, dandruff, or even dead skin debris. Long-term inhalation of dust can cause frequent headaches, sneezing, itchy nose or eyes, prolonged colds, bronchitis and asthma. 

On the other hand, PM 2.5 dust outside the home often comes from the engine’s exhaust fumes, waste incineration, power generation, open-space burning, agricultural land. Which adversely affects internal processes in the body both in the short and long term. Especially in children, pregnant women.The elderly and people with underlying diseases as follows.

Inhalation of PM 2.5 dust for a short time, from a few hours to several days, can cause symptoms. Such as irritation of the eyes, nose or throat, cough, difficulty breathing, lung damage in asthma or lung diseases such as bronchitis. Chronic may have worsening symptoms. Skin inflammation Skin irritation Or rashes, especially patients with skin diseases Heart disease patients may have an irregular heart rate or ischemic heart disease. They are also at an increased risk of hospitalization from respiratory or cardiovascular disease. 

Inhalation of PM 2.5 dust for a year in a row may be faced with health problems such as difficulty working in the lungs. 

Free radicals in the body Aging skin There are dark spots or wrinkles on the skin. Skin immune system malfunctions. Risk of respiratory disease or cardiovascular disease The disease progressed, life expectancy decreased, etc. 

Therefore, when looking at the health effects mentioned above People at risk are more exposed to these pollutants than the general population, so they should be careful and try to avoid inhaling them as much as possible.

How to deal with dust allergies It’s easier than you think.

Initially, people with a mild dust allergy can be alleviated with a variety of antihistamines or antihistamines. You can buy them in pharmacies. Which at present there are many kinds of drugs to choose from as appropriate It is generally divided into 2 main groups.

Antihistamine drugs that cause drowsiness 

It is an antihistamine drug like Chlorpheniramine, a group of drugs that affect the central nervous system. May make you feel drowsy Headache and dry mouth This drug is not suitable for people driving vehicles. Machine Or work that requires constant alertness It should not be used in conjunction with other sedatives or drinking alcohol. Because it may cause harm to the body

Antihistamine drugs that do not cause drowsiness.

These drugs were developed from the first drug group. This makes it effective in treatment that will last longer. Therefore, it is not necessary to take large doses, such as loratadine, which can be used in children 12 years and older. Take 1 tablet a day, most have no side effects such as drowsiness. But it may cause sleepiness in some cases The drug will help relieve symptoms from allergies. Whether it is dust allergy, air allergy, skin allergy Hives, or itching of the banned drug loratadine tablets or capsules in children less than 6 years and syrup or chewable tablets in children under 2 years of age unless authorized by a doctor. Which in addition to this drug There are also cetirizine or fexofenadine, which have also been used. 

However, using histamine is just a way to relieve symptoms. But does not help cure dust allergy symptoms to disappear permanently Most importantly, avoid allergens. In order not to interfere with our daily life by taking care of yourself away from household dust and PM 2.5 dust, follow the following simple tips.

Keep the bedroom as little dust as possible. The bedding should be washed with hot water or used to dry in the sun frequently, or use a mattress, pillowcase or bedspread. Made of fibers that protect against dust mites

Clean the floor with a damp cloth or vacuum with a vacuum cleaner 1-2 times a week, but do not use a broom to clean the floor. Because it may cause dust to disperse 

Regularly wipe off any dust that forms on the surface of appliances or furniture.

Do not use wool or synthetic carpets. As dust may accumulate and be difficult to clean.

Avoid leaving the door or window open. So as not to allow dust from the outside to enter the house.

Avoid animal husbandry, contact, sleep, or close proximity to animals. In case of having pets, clean the house frequently and wash your hands immediately after touching them.

If you have to leave the house, you should wear a N95 mask because it has a higher efficiency of filtering PM 2.5 than conventional masks. And should close the car glass completely To prevent air pollution.

On days when the dust PM 2.5 exceeds the standard, outdoor activities may be reduced. Try to stay inside the building as much as possible. And should buy an air purifier as wel.

Finally, because air pollution is a difficult factor to control. We therefore have to keep taking care of ourselves to be healthy and away from allergy-causing factors. Alternatively, use an anti-histamine to relieve the nuisance of black origin of life, such as sneezing, itchy nose or itchy eyes , but do not forget that. Patients should read the label on the drug and strictly follow the directions. For your own safety and to reduce the risk of unwanted side effects, consult your pharmacist before using any medication. Especially pregnant women People with underlying disease Or people who are using other drugs .


How to walk correctly?

          Walking exercise Simple physical activities that give you more than you think Medications for physical well-being that many people overlook.

          “walking” is a medium-heavy physical activity. There are many health benefits such as improved mental health. Reduce anxiety and depression lose weight by increasing the metabolism of sugar Reduce blood lipid levels Lower blood pressure Reduce thin bones or weathering etc. These are things that the MPs have told us to tell us to get up and walk more.

9 reasons to get up and walk

          1. Can do it by yourself
          2. Healthy body Without equipment
          3. healthier without paying
          4. Use less hot but not burning well
          5. The third body is stiff. Strong bones And strong muscles.
          6. Safe, worry-free.
          7. Three is good weight control, shapely and good skin.
          8. Reduce stress, enhance mood.
          9. Can do anywhere, anytime.

How should we start walking?

          Walk slowly Begin by walking slowly for 3-5 minutes. When feeling accustomed. Gradually increase the speed to the level that is enough to feel tired Then walk for another 25-30 minutes and slow down at the end before walking for another 3-5 minutes and then stop. If you feel tired (say in a few words), slow down the speed of walking If it is a lot, find a seat.

Techniques to walk properly

          1. While walking, look straight ahead. The head and body are upright. Both shoulders are at a straight level.

          2. Swing the left-right arm alternating front-back parallel to the body. Both hands are loosened, with the hands swinging at the chest level. In a relaxed manner Slightly bent elbow at an angle of about 90 degrees between the forearm – the bottom.

          3. The pace of the foot is consistent

          4.When walking, should walk about halfway to step with the heel to touch the floor. And transfer the weight to the soles of the feet As for the other leg, lift the heel and transfer the weight to the toe. This walk will help exercise the shin muscles. Is a walk for good health And promote personality as well.

          5. The length of the pace depends on walking. Importantly, should not go too long Because the thigh and hip muscles can be tired.

          6. Walking uphill should walk more slowly. Lean forward a little and when walking down the hill, try to control short steps and keep your feet light.

Where to walk and how often?

   walk – shouldn’t walk in a spot near the road Which is at risk of accident Walking places should be well ventilated. Not too hot Because the body will become exhausted Do not walk on a steep slope, causing the risk of falls or danger.

          – Usually we should walk 2.5-3.5 kilometers per day or 10,000 steps per day, but if feeling that counting steps is too difficult, should walk for a long time 30 minutes is an easy way.

          – start walking to exercise from 3 days a week and add up to 5-6 days (a total of not less than 150 minutes per week)

           Although walking is one of the safest and best methods of exercise. But taking precautions to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries is an important issue. That security also includes paying attention to the warning signs of the body that occurs. When exercising too hard And immediately consult a doctor if a health problem occurs.

          Try stepping foot or invite friends,family members come to walk together. Makes walking not boring anymore.





Many sports decide who is the fastest. Many sports are settled by scores. But there is one kind of vote counting seems strange from our common sense in general tennis.

When it comes to counting the points in a sporting event. Most of them are similar. Is to start counting from 1 to one, There are some sports decide the winner from the side that scores the most Some decide where they scored first.

Is it make sense?

For tennis Although the decision to lose is similar to many sports. Where anyone, if able to reach the specified point first, will win. If the game 6 (or 7) games, get 1 set, get 2 of 3 or 3 out of 5 sets, then win in that match. The counting points along the way Is what makes this sport unique and different from other sports.

Because instead of counting the points to get the game, it counts as normal 1, 2, 3, 4, … like in general sports In tennis. It starts with 15, 30, 40 and then got the game.
In addition, if the points are tied at 40-40, the term used in this case is “Deuce” .

Only not enough at the beginning of the game.The score of both sides will be 0-0 including when neither side can score. The term use for score 0 is not “Zero” , “O” or “Nil” in many sports, but instead of “Love” .


From what was mentioned above believe that everyone probably feels that It is nothing strange than any other sport.  Wondering What does it come from? 
Which is right here is something that invites dizziness.

We start with a simple vocabulary like Deuce first .This word, almost every academic institution has resolved that Is a word borrowed from the French language.  “Deux” which means “two”, which in the context of tennis Is the tennis players competing to score the same amount.   To continue to compete until someone can make 2 consecutive points before getting that game.

when it came to the word Love, the theories began to strike instantly. Some scholars point out that . This word comes from the Dutch or Flemish – “Lof” which means “Honor” or “honor” with the idea that tennis players play for their honor when the game is 0.

At the same time, the Oxford English dictionary reveals the origin of the word Love. The idea of ​​using this word was picked from the tennis players who still have 0 points to continue playing “with love” towards tennis. 

There is also another theory that when the score is 0, both players still love each other.

The theory being discussed And seems to be amenable to most people Is the theory that Love is distorted from “L’oeuf”.
The French word for “Egg” or “Egg” because of the shape of the egg that looks like a number The context in many languages ​​also uses eggs to Also refers to the said numbers as well At home we have “cracked egg” Choc.

Although Malcolm D. Whitman, a former tennis player and the author of Tennis. He is origins and Mysteries in 1932, would argue that there is no clear evidence. That French people use eggs to convey the score 0. whereas most include to Mary Carillo, a former tennis player who turned into a sports reporter, pointed out that “Most tennis historians consider The origin of the word Love from eggs is the most likely thing. “


The oldest piece of evidence for tennis tennis in this form. The a storybook written by Charles Dorlene around the year 1439. It is the story of an ancient tennis match between Henry V of England and the heir to the throne of France.  A score counting of 15, 30, 45. However, in the aforementioned stream there is no explanation of why it must be counted in this way.

The theory that came out later seems to make us conform to quite a bit. It had explain that In the 16th century. The first period that the rules of tennis came close to what they are today. The watch face has been used as a vote counting aid,and when we overlap the hands with the counting system. Then will get a clear picture immediately.

Still, this sensible clock theory has a very important blind spot. Even though tennis has been playing since the late Middle Ages.  Although two theories are reasonable and feasible. However, Elizabeth Wilson, author of the game.
Love History: A History of Tennis, from Victorian Pastime to Global Phenomenon, points out that it is difficult. To be able to clearly explain how everything of counting of points in tennis happened and developed to this point.

“The reason is that there are many theories. Not only There is also reason to sound romantic and inviting as a supporter. Which some stories cannot be searched in history but looks more like a fantasy legend “

The story that persists and cannot find clear proof That makes tennis a romantic sport And has a unique identity to this day .


Benefits of swimming

Swimming is a type of exercise that is considered the best way.
In addition to making the body healthy.Also makes the mind relax when the body is immersed in water as well.Swimming is another option of exercise.That many people like today, so we bring The benefits of swimming  too.

1. Helps to lose weight

Swimming can cause the body to burn up to 367 calories.

Takes only 30 minutes, which is as much as brisk walking cycling or jogging.

2. Helps to reduce stress and increase self-confidence.

Survey of 74,000 swimmers.Found that 74 percent thought that swimming.

helps to relax from stress. Including pressure and feel refreshed when swimming.

3. Help good mood

Another study shows that swimmers.Regardless of the level, there is often no stress.Pressure, depression, anger and confusion when they swim.
The swimming causes the body to release serotonin hormones that cause good mood.

4. Helping the muscles become strong

Swimming is the perfect way to strengthen your muscles.Swimming is also an exercise that does not require exercise equipment.At an expensive price as well

5. Swimming is an exercise that is very low risk of injury.

Because water helps to float and helps reduce movement. The tension of the bones, joints and muscles down as well.Swimming therefore has less risk of injury than other types of exercise.

6. Helps to sleep well.

helps to sleep well. There is a tendency to sleep better than those who do not exercise at all.

7. swimming without sweat

When you swim, don’t feel too hot or don’t feel sweat.Because the water around you will cool you down.

8. Helps reduce the risk of various diseases.

Swimming is a good exercise for the heart and blood vessels.

Therefore, if you swim regularly Will reduce the risk of various diseases such as blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke of 4 swimming styles?

4 What are the benefits of swimming postures?

Swimming is considered a sport rather than a sport. Because aside from allowing us to exercise, have good health. Swimming will also allow us to open various opportunities in life, such as having fun in the pool with friends.

The surfing the sea to admire the beautiful scenery without fear In this regard, swimming. There are 4 swimming positions that are often used regularly.Such as freestyle, rowing, frog and butterfly.

The benefits Of the 4 swimming positions.

1. Freestyle (Crawl or Freestyle) is the most popular swimming posture.

Since it is a simple posture And don’t need to spend a long time practicing.The advantage of the freestyle pose is that it can move quickly and far without wasting very little energy.But full exercise, both arms, legs and back.

 2. Backstroke is an easy swimming posture. 

If able to swim, freestyle pose is already the original capital.The benefit of the backstroke posture  is that it can improve our physique because of the backstroke.
You will need to keep your back straight while swimming and will improve your hip flexibility.

 3. Frog (Breaststroke).

 The benefit of Frog posture is that it can be a good exercise because In addition to helping different parts of the body

For example, the back, shoulders, and chest muscles are exercised. Lungs and heart become stronger as well.

 4. Butterfly position (Butterfly).

Not suitable for those who are just starting to swim. Because it is a position that requires expertise to be able to swim smoothly.

The benefit of the butterfly pose is that it is the most effective posture for adjusting and building muscles.

Helps the upper body become strong, improving the breasts, stomach, arms Especially the abdominal muscle and back muscles Helps to increase flexibility, suppleness and elongation of the body to adjust the body.

For swimming is considered a very good exercise. And each swimming position has different benefits.Try to train all positions to increase the diversity in swimming. Ensure that you will enjoy swimming even more for sure. 


The difference between hiking and climbing and equipment preparation

Actually, the terms Trekking Hiking and Summitting Climbling are different. Understanding the differences between these two terms Help us choose the right equipment. Do not carry anything until the luggage is heavy. Until becoming a burden when traveling.

Hiking (Trekking / Hiking) is a walk, especially walking on mountainous areas.
Climbing (Summitting / Climbling) is to climb the mountain. In order to reach the top of that mountain.
So if someone says to go hiking the Everest Base Camp and climbing the top, Everest is a completely different trip.
Hiking the Everest Base Camp is a hike through various spots. To reach his destination, at the base of the Everest camp.

Those who climb the Everest peak are those who conquer the highest peak in this world. Which will find both life-death, risk and takes 10-12 weeks to train and prepare the body to become accustomed to height like military training .

Of course the price is different.

Hiking for Everest Base Camp, the price is around $ 500 onwards per person (16,500 baht).

As for the Everest climb, the estimated price is 70,000-120,000 USD per person (2,310,000-3,960,000 Baht)

Now, knowing the difference between Hiking and mountain climbing Let’s see how to prepare the equipment!

Basic equipment to prepare for hiking
  • Trekking shoes Lightweight 1 pair / Trekking shoes that can wear in the rain 1 pair / Slippers 1 pair.Trekking shoes should be invested well before buying because good shoes Can really be a friend in times of difficulty Helping our destination bag without having to rush to find a shoe repair shop. Until losing travel plans.
  • Socks (3 pairs of long socks / 2 short pairs)
  • Lightweight waterproof windproof rain jacket For 1 Trekking, 1 heat tech shirt and long johns 1 coat for protection.
  • T-shirts and pants for trekking Lightweight, anti-smudge, quick drying for 2-3 Trekking
  • 1 pair of gloves for protection against cold weather The temperature depends on where to go. If going to Nepal Or Ladakh, winter To buy at a temperature of minus 10-30 degrees.
  • 1 pair of treating sticks
  • Wet wipes for heavy use And wipe when not taking a shower.
  • Sunglasses are very important. * Because on the mountain is sunny and windy.
  • Headband flashlight For use when trekking at night And when going to the bathroom.
  • Day pack or small backpack To put only the important things to walk For large bags, porters often carry them for them.
  • Some towels are quick-drying.

As for other belongings That is a helper And recommend not forgetting to carry it, including laces are used to help with miscellaneous things, such as using temporary shoes to open the shoes. Before finding a shoe repair shop.

  • Scottish tape
  • Mosquito repellent spray
  • Use yogi to sprinkle socks.
  • A large plastic bag folds flat and hidden, to put on used clothes or other things as intended.
  • Full body rain jacket
  • Sunscreen
  • Common and home medicine, fever medicine, headache, diarrhea, diamox, altitude relief, etc. Plaster is a convenient medicine to wade even in the presence of wounds.
  • Multi-purpose folding knife

Basic equipment that should be prepared for climbing . All the above tracking equipment

Carabiner or safety hook Choose strong and can support the weight of at least 1 person.
Rope and climbing equipment, abseiling, snow walking shoes Ax, ice gouging, etc. Most tour companies have already prepared it.